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Your website is the embodiment of marketing and sales for your organization, and it must anticipate user and prospect needs with the goal of accelerating leads through your pipeline. Setting your website up with this level of functionality requires a sophisticated strategy, an obsession with the user experience, and a long-term commitment. A simple “website redesign” will not achieve the ROI you’re truly looking for.

We go deeper asking, “How do we differentiate from competitors? How do we showcase our vision? How should people feel when they interact with the brand?”

Our experts are trained and specialized in areas like brand experience, UX and search engine optimization to help your organization accomplish broader business goals through your website.


Our Website Redesign Process

Understand Your Prospects and Their Customer Journeys

Understanding your audience helps put customer needs front and center. This aligns your business goals, sales goals, marketing initiatives and website user experience. 

By reviewing how visitors have been using your website, we work to establish a baseline for performance and how we can improve organic traffic, usability and even conversions.

  • Identify any stakeholders and ideal customers who should be interviewed
  • Schedule and perform interviews
  • Analyze data related to your current site’s performance, search engine optimization (SEO), design functionality and technical sitemap

The length of this discovery step will depend on the size and availability of your team and the size of your website. Upon completion, the data is reviewed in a group kickoff meeting with your Kuno Creative account team.

Prioritize User Experience To Align Customer Journeys

It’s paramount we understand the buyers you are trying to reach and present the architecture and journeys that will facilitate the delivery of information that solves their needs. Just as if you were building a home, this is the foundation of where your marketing and sales efforts will live.  

We identify the key pages and key usability features that align with their buying journey throughout your website, so they can make an educated buying decision. Finally, through wireframing, we identify the content hierarchy for pages within the user journey to ensure frictionless conversion.

This strategy minimizes any barriers or frustrations that prevent users from reaching an intended outcome, such as converting on a form or making a purchase. More complex journeys are diagrammed in a visual flowchart.

  • Build and/or confirm your top personas
  • Perform information architecture: sitemap development, journey mapping, CTA strategy and keyword research 
  • Create wireframing to represent the basic layout of navigation, page structure and content (NOTE: all design elements are approached with a mobile-first strategy)

The number of unique page templates required impacts the length of the information architecture step.

Create Website Messaging that Engages

Web copy needs to align with visitors’ emotional state at each stage of the buyer's journey, utilizing voice and tone as tools to help buyers move further down the funnel. 

Decades of experience have taught us web copy and messaging are often the biggest hurdle to completing any website. That’s why we have outlined three options for completing website copy and messaging that works to connect with buyers and engages them further down the sales funnel. 

  • If what you have is working, we can make small improvements to SEO, meta descriptions, headers and more.
  • Your in-house writers dedicate time to rewriting copy and provide it to Kuno Creative to be added to each webpage.
  • Kuno Creative’s brand journalists can use what they have learned from stakeholder and client interviews to write compelling copy backed by SEO best practices. Budget and timeline for this service should be discussed prior to project kickoff.

Create A Visual Design That Connects with Prospects

Creating the new visual design of your website isn’t just updating your site to use new fancy fonts, “cool” images and the latest color trends. It’s about making sure your site is designed for real humans with real emotions. 

Emotions play a huge part in almost all of the decisions we make. By making sure we design with your target audience in mind, we are able to visually evoke the right types of emotions. Our goal is to make your visitors feel at ease and confident in their choice of becoming your customer. In marketing terms, we amplify your brand experience while evoking emotions that align with your buying cycle.

  • Review your full brand guidelines: They act as the core when building your brand experience. We use them to mold our design decisions around, making sure to also follow industry best practices when it comes to responsive breakdown for various devices, mobile-friendliness, inbound marketing, and user experience. 
  • Take initial site page wireframes to the next level by visually combining your brand elements with our humans-first approach to design: We ensure your brand experience makes the site visitor feel welcomed and accepted by creating the right visuals, messaging and tone based on your target audience. We utilize storytelling web design techniques so that while the content and visuals unfold down the page, so does your brand story, enticing them to want to dive in further to get to know you.
  • Design additional pages to further build out the complete visitor’s journey: We make sure that your brand experience is consistent throughout the complete visitor journey, being mindful to evoke the right types of emotions based on where the visitor is in the buying cycle. We make sure that the visuals are sparking the right emotions at the right time to get the right outcomes.

Code, Test and Launch + Ensure You Get Found on Search

Kuno Creative developers understand the intricacies of HubSpot and WordPress development and work with page speed in mind, ensuring your website functions properly. Our SEO experts then utilize on-page, technical SEO best practices to give your website the best possible chance of ranking in search engines. 

  • Develop designed webpages on a content management system (CMS) platform, including HubSpot or WordPress
  • Utilize optimization software to test the designed templates for use on various mobile devices
  • Add on-page, technical SEO recommendations including page title, meta description, headlines and more
  • Apply web content your team or the Kuno Creative team has created to each webpage

Page development and content are part of the ongoing process throughout the service period. 

Track User Behavior and Optimize Based on Data

Consistently improving your website functionality to be more in line with your users’ preferences and expectations continuously improves your marketing and sales KPIs. Adapting and changing your website based on your users’ ever-changing behavior is fundamental to user experience, and a major priority at Kuno Creative.

  • Continuously monitor and review data to find ways to help reach defined goals
  • Use SEMrush and HubSpot for analytics and reporting
  • Share content and campaign recommendations based on data
  • Provide ongoing domain/keyword analytics review and updates
  • Strategize and offer recommendations for paid advertising on digital channels
  • Monitor domain-versus-domain (competitors) and keyword gap analysis
  • Perform backlink analysis and disavowing of toxic links
  • Run site audits and implement on-page SEO improvements
  • Give CRM and marketing automation recommendations
  • Deliver regular reporting, analysis and strategy

Websites are meant to adapt and change with your visitors. Using a growth-driven, agile approach, your site will be continuously monitored and the data will be reviewed to find ways to help reach defined goals.

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