Sales Enablement

Improve Efficiencies & Increase Close Rates

Provide your sales reps with the right data, tools and resources to ensure your marketing qualified leads are turning into customers.

Through automation and sales enablement best practices, Kuno can help your sales team establish KPIs, processes and follow-up techniques, saving hundreds of man-hours while garnering results. We can help you turn MQLs into SQLs—and sales reps into believers.

Why Your Team Needs Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a fairly new practice, but the benefits are abundantly clear:
Improve sales team efficiency, response rate and close rates
Establish sales and marketing alignment
Institute sales performance measurability and forecasting
Drive new revenue from existing database

Proven Value of Sales Enablement

MQL Sequencing Results in Over $1M in New Revenue

This manufacturer’s sales team felt the 30-40 MQLs driven through inbound efforts were not quality leads, essentially ignoring them.

To prove their value, Kuno set the goal of enrolling 160 MQLs into sequences, hoping five would convert to SQLs (3%), with one turning into an Opportunity.

We utilized the HubSpot Sales automation platform to assign tasks for each MQL, including LinkedIn invitations, calls, emails and InMail, and kept a tight watch on identified micro and macro KPIs. In only three months, the sequences resulted in four opportunities, one of which closed in excess of $750,000.

Customer-Generated Quotes for Swift Sales

An equipment manufacturer had prioritized sales and marketing alignment, but was losing velocity during the sales process due to its reliance on WordPress and the WooCommerce Plugin.

Kuno saw an opportunity to leverage the HubSpot Enterprise Suite and use Product Object Tokens to display dynamic content, then translate contact submission forms directly into deals—with products chosen as line items.

Now the sales team not only receives interested leads, but Deals and Line Items are pre populated so quotes can be sent in record time.

Aligning Sales and Marketingfor More Successful Campaigns

An international company lacked a solid process to work, audit and clean contact and company records within their HubSpot database.

They also had Salesforce CRM working in a separate silo. When they wanted to integrate a new sales tool, they knew they needed to do some foundational work first and enlisted Kuno to lead the process.

We worked together to understand how traffic comes to the site all the way through closing a client. This helped us map Lifecycle Stages within HubSpot and identify how and when a contact would move to each new stage—as well as back and forth between the two systems, to either push prospects to Opportunities or continue nurturing them.

This change resulted in the necessary foundation for integrating ZoomInfo RevOS to HubSpot, which brought contacts into their tech stack with 50+ data points, providing the sales team with an arsenal of information to build sales pitches and objection-busting responses. It also allowed marketing to create more segmented emails and conversion points that did not need to ask for further demographic information (shortening forms).

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What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is about preparing your team for the sales process prospects expect and prefer.

This means you should create informational content to provide answers to frequently asked questions, use automation to ensure prospects are followed up with at the right time and on the right channel, and provide the sales team with training and guidance on how to maximize these resources. This is no easy task. That’s where Kuno can help.

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