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Targeted Inbound Marketing Campaign

Attract and Nurture Qualified Sales Leads

Led by our strategists, our team creates targeted inbound marketing campaigns designed specifically to appeal to your potential buyers at every stage of the buyer journey. Here we describe a recently implemented campaign.

Hyrell is a SaaS company that provides applicant tracking software to streamline recruiting and hiring. One of the most common struggles an HR manager faces is employee retention, especially due to a recent trend in the business world: job hopping.

Step 1

Our team created the eBook “The Hiring Manager’s Dilemma: Job Hoppers & Employees on the Move. This eBook speaks directly to the HR manager and focuses on the inevitability of turnover for businesses while offering:

  • Reasons for Employee Turnover
  • A Deeper Look into Job Hoppers
  • Tips for Employee Retention

We added the eBook to Hyrell's website and sent a kick-off email to promote it to Hyrell’s current prospect database. The email encouraged recipients to click through to request their free copy of the eBook, directing them to a landing page where additional contact information could be captured.

Integrated Campaign Example - Step 1 - Hyrell

Step 2

Once users submitted their request to download the eBook, they are entered into an email drip campaign. We scheduled the drip emails to send several days apart. They included additional offers pertaining to the overarching theme: job hopping. For example, Email 3 directed recipients to a blog article that discusses the different types of job hoppers and how applicant tracking software can help identify best-fitting employees for your company.

Integrated Campaign Example - Step 2 - Hyrell

Step 3

Participants continued to receive communications from Hyrell over the course of several weeks. As the campaign nears its end, we introduce supporting evidence that specifically shows how applicant tracking software can lead to a higher employee retention rate. We use a case study as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the broad topic of job hopping and Hyrell’s product.

Integrated Campaigns Example - Step 3 - Hyrell

Step 4

The last email participants receive explains how Hyrell can help them find employees that are in it for the long haul. A direct call-to-action is included to sign up for a free trial of Hyrell’s applicant tracking software. At this point, Hyrell’s sales team acquires qualified leads on their path to purchase.

Integrated Campaigns Examples - Step 4 - Hyrell

Step 5

Potential buyers not within Hyrell's contact database could also enter into the email drip campaign. We attracted them to the eBook through a variety of demand generation tactics, including blog and website CTAs and social media posts. Once they downloaded the eBook, they progressed to Step 2.

Integrated Campaigns Example - Step 5 - Hyrell
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