Feedback Examples

  • Kuno Creative has the best video services team going. We needed a 3 to 4 minute B2B video that showcases our college dining program and the Kuno team knocked it out of the park!
  • We wanted to know what generated an influx of online revenue in one particular month. We put the Kuno Creative Demand Generation team on the case. They identified three days where our organic traffic generated the revenue. We now use this information to make decisions and it demonstrates the type of data Kuno can interpret.
  • The look of our website was dated. We needed a complete overhaul. The Kuno Team took the time to fly to our company, walk our grounds, and really get to know what it is we’re trying to do. Those initial face-to-face meetings laid the foundation for what turned out to be an outstanding project. Our website is beautiful and very user-friendly.

Descriptive Words:

best, showcase, generated, identified, demonstrates, optimized, beautiful, user-friendly, great, awesome experience, hands-on, trust, rank, grow, successful project, understand our business

  • During an audit of our website the Kuno Creative Demand Generation team found that we had multiple pages with the same meta description. It was hurting our rankings, so the Kuno went in and rewrote all of them. Over 300 meta descriptions, all rewritten and optimized for SEO. We saw a 4% improvement in traffic in less than a month.
  • The team at Kuno was great.  They not only listened to our needs but really understood them and worked hard to wow us.  Great work!
  • One of the many projects Kuno Creative did for our company was a video to highlight one of our services. The Video Services team arranged to shoot all of the interviews and b-roll they needed in one day. It was minimally invasive on my team and the video was outstanding. The Kuno team optimized it for our website, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. It got over 2,000 views in less than a week and it just keeps growing.

Possible Topics:

user experience (ux), SEO, keywords, PPC, digital marketing, design, content, videos

  • From the start of the project Kuno Creative’s team was knowledgeable, efficient and very effective at creating a great website that not only looks awesome but delivers results.  Thank you!!
  • We credit the Brand Journalist from Kuno Creative who writes our blog for us  for increasing our views more than 60% in 9 months. Our new contacts have grown 145% in that time. The Kuno content team takes the time to optimize every blog they write. They work with their SEO experts to find which keywords each blog can rank for. It’s a great feeling when you see more than one of your pages sitting at the top of page one of Google.
  • We were launching a new service line and enlisted the Kuno content team to write emails for us. They were descriptive and to the point. The response we got was great. We trust them with any project.
  • We love that Kuno takes the time to understand our business. Developing buyer personas, weekly meetings, and face-to-face visits were all part of the plan, which we consider successful. What started as a website redesign has grown into content creation, videos, and SEO services.