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Targeted Content and Demand Generation Strategy

Increase Leads by 18 Percent in One Quarter

Company Overview

This company provides technology solutions for clinicians, researchers and specialty solution developers seeking qualitative data to improve their outcomes and results. The specific marketing focus has been its line of solutions for the surgical suite.


Kuno Creative started working with this company to generate new leads for the line of cardiothoracic surgery products. The company needed to gain the attention of cardiothoracic surgeons to stay competitive. To drive more traffic to the website and assist with SEO, a new blog was created and added to the website along with implementing two content campaigns specifically targeting cardiothoracic surgeons

Summary of Results

In the first six months, the website attracted and generated:





The two content campaigns generated 167 new form submissions. Lead scoring algorithms were set up within HubSpot, and additional content from the blog and resources section of the website generated 97 marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

Several demand generation campaigns were set up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Perfect Audience to attract new website visitors and retarget contacts already in the HubSpot database. The company also partnered with BioMed, an online publisher of free peer-reviewed scientific articles in all areas of medical research and biology, to send a monthly email to their list of cardiac medical professionals.

Website Traffic Results

October and November were two of the highest-traffic months; there were 6,285 visits in November alone.

Website traffic broken down by source:

Summary Highlights (In Six Months):

  • 23,373 website visitors
  • 464 leads
  • 97 marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  • 812 contacts visited the blog at least once
  • 167 have downloaded one gated content offer


An 18 percent increase in the number of new leads was gained in a single quarter compared with the rest of the year.


Leads by Quarter

  • Q1: 223 new leads
  • Q2: 233 new leads
  • Q3: 223 new leads
  • Q4: 274 new leads

Form Submissions

In Q4, 167 people filled out forms on the website to receive content.

123 people filled out the form to receive a new top-funnel eBook

27 people filled out the form to receive a new mid-funnel eBook

17 people filled out the form to get a redesigned proprietary handbook

Before working with Kuno, there was less interest in content on the website. 0 people filled out the form to get the original version of the handbook

There was a total of only 53 form fills on the website; 39 of those were for a webinar, and the rest were for product demos.

Traffic and Leads from Facebook and LinkedIn

With a paid demand generation campaign running, Facebook and LinkedIn generated 747 visits in Q4, with a 3.7 percent visit-to-lead conversion rate that resulted in 28 new leads (see chart below).

Social channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn make it possible to target an audience by skills, job title, location, age and education. With Kuno Creative’s assistance, this company has been targeting relevant industry association membership lists and the HubSpot database on Facebook using a program called GoChime. This allows the content to get in front of its own contacts who may not be engaging with the website or email communications in a venue where they already are spending time. The program was successful in gaining a new customer within two months.

Social Media Highlights:

  • 747 visits
  • 28 new leads
    (visit-to-lead conversion rate of 3.7 percent)
  • And a new customer!
Social Media

Traffic and Leads from Facebook and LinkedIn



There has been an increase in website traffic by promoting the new blog and driving traffic to the current website through lead nurturing campaigns and demand generation. This resulted in attracting qualified leads and even new customers.