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Kuno Creative Wins Prestigious Video Marketing Awards

By Dave GrendzynskiNov 6 /2018

Video marketing is more vital than ever when it comes to grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Whether it’s an animated short for social media, a testimonial video or a message that provides a cornerstone for your corporate image—video is king.

Why? Because video elicits emotion, provides characters and gives you the ability to turn your message into a memorable moment. Think of all times you watched that cute cat video or how big you smile when you watch that video of your kids laughing so hard at something. A video delivers time and time again—when it’s done right.

To make sure your videos go over big with your audience, it helps to have a strong team behind you. We’re proud to say Kuno Creative can provide you with award-winning video marketing services. Our video marketing department recently won four MarCom Awards for videos in three different categories: Video Script, Recruitment and Medical. Two of the videos were given the MarCom Awards highest honor: Platinum.

The MarCom Awards honor excellence in marketing and communication. They’re presented by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). It’s an international organization made up of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, digital and web professionals. MarCom is considered to be the leader in recognizing excellence in the distillation of ideas, messages and media by marketing and communication professionals.

Here is a little bit more about the projects our video marketing department produced and the MarCom Award each video won.

MarCom Award Winner: Platinum

Title: ‘Food Insecurity”

Client: Aramark

Category: Video Script

Our video marketing department was asked to help shed light on how Aramark is helping to curb a growing problem on college campuses—food insecurity.

Many college students are not getting enough to eat because they simply can’t afford to after paying for tuition, books and a place to live. Our team shot the video on the campus of the University of California-Fullerton where students began donating meal swipes to those who needed them. Aramark steps up by matching all of the donated swipes and doubling the number of meals that can be used.


MarCom Award Winner: Platinum

Title: Green Circle Growers: Office

Client: Green Circle Growers

Category: Recruitment

This is one of two MarCom Awards our video marketing team won in the recruitment category. It’s shot on location at the largest greenhouse in North America, but tells the story of how the people who work in the office are in a high-tech setting. If you work at Green Circle Growers, you may find yourself working alongside robots.


MarCom Award Winner: Gold

Title: Green Circle Growers: Growers

Client: Green Circle Growers

Category: Recruitment

Green Circle Growers is not your average greenhouse. If you’re fortunate to work there as a grower, you’ll be learning the most up-to-date growing techniques from growers around the world. You may even take a trip to the Netherlands to learn first hand. The Kuno Creative video marketing team shows us what it’s like to work as a grower at GCG. We’re honored the video won “Gold” at the MarCom Awards.


 MarCom Award Winner: Honorable Mention

Title: Varicose Vein Pain

Client: North Ohio Heart/Ohio Medical Group

Category: Medical

Earning an “Honorable Mention” is the story of three people and their struggle with varicose vein pain. Our video marketing team was asked to share their stories, including one surprise patient.


We are honored and humbled to have the work of our video marketing team recognized by the MarCom Awards. We’re also excited about winning in multiple categories. We think it’s a testament to the versatility we offer as a video marketing agency.

If you’d like to see other examples of our work, or if you think you may benefit by outsourcing your video production, visit our Video Marketing Services page. Let’s see if we can make video part of your inbound marketing strategy.


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Dave Grendzynski

Dave uses the skills that won him three Emmy Awards as a television news producer to create compelling content for our clients. Dave honed his email, blog and social media writing skills in the Corporate Communications Department at Cleveland Clinic.