Cases By Source: Helping Our Everyday Heroes Stay Safe

Cases By Source: Helping Our Everyday Heroes Stay Safe

By Bridget CunninghamMay 20 /2020

At Kuno Creative, our mission is to help companies we believe in get results. This is the fifth in a series featuring our clients, their mission and how they’re pivoting their marketing strategy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Across newspapers, television broadcasts and social media, the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a prevalent topic of conversation. Healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. have reported insufficient supplies (and even no supply at all) of face masks, face shields and other PPE — putting the safety of front line workers at risk as they care for patients. All the while, employers have also grappled with trying to find PPE to keep their employees protected in the workplace.

As we hear stories of struggle, we also hear stories of inspiration and hope. In light of PPE shortages, businesses across the U.S. have answered the call for help by reallocating their manufacturing capabilities to the production of face masks and other equipment.

We’re proud to work with one of these businesses: Cases By Source.

Custom Case Provider Turns to PPE Production

As a provider of custom case and packaging solutions, Cases By Source leans on a variety of manufacturing processes to deliver customers the optimal solution. Among them are cut-and-sew capabilities for the production of soft bags, and foam fabrication to cushion case interiors.

While Cases By Source pivoted day-to-day operations to keep employees safe while continuing to fulfill customer orders, they saw an opportunity to reallocate resources in order to give back. With the goal of helping businesses protect their teams and putting medical-grade PPE in the hands of those who need it most, Cases By Source refocused a large portion of their sewing and foam production capacity to the development of protective face masks and face shields.

CBS-face-maskA photographed sample of a Cases By Source face mask.

Available in reusable, machine-washable options, the face masks from Cases By Source are meant to be an alternative to N95 masks, not a replacement. Employers can distribute these masks to their workforce without taking away from the supply needed for healthcare workers. And if supplies run low in healthcare facilities, these masks offer a protective barrier as workers wait for the next shipment of PPE to arrive.

That’s why, as part of their program to give back, Cases By Source is donating face masks and other equipment to healthcare workers, hospitals and nonprofit organizations.

As you begin preparing for your office(s) to reopen,  checkout what masks are available for purchase to help keep your employees safe when they return to the office. 

How Cases By Source Is Marketing These Efforts

With PPE production in motion and tangible products at the end of the line, Cases By Source pivoted its marketing strategy to align with these efforts.

The first step was to create a new webpage dedicated to this initiative. While speaking to the sentiments behind this shift in production, the resource breaks down the types of PPE available and their unique features, as well as details on how to place an order. Businesses want to act fast to keep employees safe, and this page is designed to give them the answers they need to move forward.

CBS-landing-page-screenshotThe next step was to get the word out to customers and prospects alike. As part of the company’s e-newsletter, Cases By Source highlighted the shift in production toward PPE products. This was also an opportunity to update readers on their proactive safety measures in the workplace, as well as their ability to modify operations to help customers navigate supply chain disruptions. Additionally, the Cases and Kuno teams published related blog posts around these initiatives to further extend their reach.

CBS-blog-post-screenshotWith each tactic in the marketing strategy, the goal (and messaging) remained the same: put more PPE in the hands of essential personnel, while keeping teams in the workplace protected.

We’re Inspired By the Work of Cases By Source

Cases By Source is part of an encouraging pattern in the COVID-19 response. Companies with manufacturing capabilities are refocusing their efforts to help reduce the shortage of PPE and medical equipment that’s needed to safeguard our everyday heroes. We are inspired by their work and value the difference it makes in our communities.

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