Driving Saas Revenue with Inbound Marketing

Driving Saas Revenue with Inbound Marketing

By John McTigueDec 7 /2011

Industry Pros Share Their Secrets, Strategies and Case Studies

Join us for an exciting new webinar on Wednesday, December 7 at 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST. Your hosts, John McTigue, EVP of Kuno Creative, and Paula Pollock, CEO of Pollock Marketing Group, will join forces to discuss the marketing challenges of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, present inbound marketing solutions and show industry examples.

The Saas industry has grown dramatically in recent years and is currently dominating the list of both launched and anticipated IPO's. Industry icons, such as Salesforce.com, have led the way for newcomers like Groupon to rapidly grow market share and garner large sums of investment capital. Closer to home, inbound marketing software powerhouse, HubSpot, is the second fastest growing company in the software sector as ranked by the Inc. 500. Not all Saas companies have faired so well, however. The vast majority struggle to get out of the gate with sufficient revenue to attract venture capital and without sufficient VC funding to survive. A core challenge for these companies is lead generation. How can you attain revenue goals while keeping customer acquisition costs down?

In this webinar we will discuss the unique challenges facing SaaS companies and how to overcome them with inbound marketing.

  • Business planning - commitment to marketing
  • Marketing strategy - thinking it through
  • Brand awareness and time-to-market
  • Competitive edge and differentiation
  • Content, context and conversion
  • Freemiums, trials and subscription conversions
  • Customer acquisition cost and life time value
  • Reducing churn and cancellation rates

We will show both successful and unsuccessful cases and draw inferences from their marketing strategies. We will share stories from our own Saas client experiences.

If you are an owner, manager or investor in a Saas company or you provide marketing services to the SaaS industry, this webinar is for you! Join us on Wednesday, December 7 at 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST.

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