Why A Kuno Website Redesign Starts at $15,000 (USD)

Why A Kuno Website Redesign Starts at $15,000 (USD)

By Roman KniahynyckyjOct 20 /2011

website sales engineAs the Kuno sales guy, I field a good deal of questions and calls about website redesign. I've heard everything from "I can only spend $500 on my HubSpot redesign," to "Really, only $15,000, when can we start?" Given the continuum of questions I receive, I thought it would be useful to explain some key differentiators of a Kuno website design. If you happen to be reading this before looking at our detailed website pricing page, I would encourage you to review that first as it will provide good context for you. Now, on with the differentiators. 

We Don't Build and Design Websites

We build sales and lead generation engines. Our goal is to build a solution for you that converts your visitors into leads that can be nurtured into sales. Certainly, our world-class designers will create a beautiful looking site for you. What we are primarily focused on, however, is building an optimized sales funnel for you. If you're simply interested in brochure ware then we are not the right fit for you. If you are interested in segmenting your website appropriately and identifying your ideal buyer and developing (and refining) TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU content and in advanced lead nurturing then we can help you. 

A large portion of our time at the beginning of your sales engine design process is spent digesting your business model, discussing your target market, understanding what your ideal sales funnel looks like, what your lead generation and traffic goals are and what's worked and hasn't worked for your website in the past and what content you can reuse or need to create. Much like an architect developing a blueprint for a building, we are developing a framework for your sales engine. Your website team will include an account manager, who guides the process to assure project milestones are completed, an inbound marketing strategist, an SEO expert, a Senior Designer, and a developer. Your team will work with you throughout your design and development process. 

Once we have a clear strategy outlined, our designers create two unique website designs (home page, interior page, and blog page for each unique design) for you to review. This is a standard part of process as we build a unique and fully customized site for each of our clients. 

Building Your Sales Engine

Once we have defined your sales engine strategy, we implement it by building out your website. Typically, this involves popping the hood on your HubSpot content management system and slicing up and coding out your design with the appropriate style sheets. As we do this, we need to assure a functional sales strategy - each call-to-action must properly convert a lead, offer valuable content and nurture them further down the sales funnel. Depending on the amount of content you have or need to create, the time required to build out and thoroughly test your sales engine (website) will vary. 

Your Sales Engine is Complete But Will Fail

Congratulations, your website (sales engine) is complete. You're done, right? Yes - if you want to fail. If you don't continue to evolve and tune and optimize your website with ongoing inbound marketing, your investment in a website redesign will be wasted. Would you build a house and tell no one? For your website design to pay off, you must be committed to some level of inbound marketing activity. This is not a set and forget activity - it's an ongoing and evolving one. Listen to the data your website provides.  

What is Your Website Goal?

My apologies for my long windedness here but I wanted to begin to highlight the amount of thought, time, and resources that goes into what we do. Our standard $15,000 website redesigns can take anywhere between 75 to 100 hours and include 40 pages to start. Considering the cost of an average website redesign typically averages over $54,000, I think our website design services offer a good deal of value. 

How is your website redesign going? Or, how did it go? Or, what additional questions do you have about your upcoming website redesign?