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5 Tips for Boosting Facebook Page Engagement in 2015 and Beyond

Andrew Osegi
Posted by Andrew Osegi

The word “engagement” incites both pleasure and pain for many. It’s terribly over used in marketing vernacular, but when we see it realized, it can be fantastically rewarding. Nowhere is engagement more weighted than in social media, where performance is dictated by the engagement we earn, and increasingly, pay for. I’m talking about clicks, comments, upvotes and likes. As informed users of the digital landscape we work and live in, for better or for worse, engagement determines: what we see (trends), who we are (brand building) and how effective our online efforts resonate with others (content performance, receptivity). The same goes for businesses and brands, big and small.

In this blog, I’ll look into how Facebook, the king of social, has changed in the past few years and address the pitfalls and popular strategies businesses are overcoming to “boost” engagement. First, let's quickly address the validity of “Page Like” and its relevance in 2015.

Giving Your Website Visitors a Personalized Experience [Video]

Kuno Creative Videos
Posted by Kuno Creative Videos


The last time you logged into Netflix or Amazon, did you notice the pages were updated with shows and products related to ones you watched or purchased previously? Now ask yourself, "Is my website offering that same sort of personalization?"

If not, you likely already have the data to make it happen. With the information you've collected about your visitors, you can start personalizing your website to deliver the content each visitor wants.

In the video below, Kuno Creative Technology Director Dan Stasiewski touches on the importance of using your known visitor information to give your website visitors a personalized experience.

Content Marketing Metrics Successful Manufacturers Can’t Ignore

Lara Nour Eddine
Posted by Lara Nour Eddine

As of this year, 82 percent of manufacturing marketers are using content marketing as part of their marketing strategy, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report. Unfortunately, only 26 percent say their efforts are effective, and only 12 percent say they are successful at tracking ROI. This calls for a drastic change in the way manufacturers and their marketing teams track and measure their content marketing efforts.

Many metrics exist, but which are most useful when determining the success of marketing efforts like content?

Here are the top metrics used by successful manufacturing marketers and how you can use them to measure your marketing department’s success.

How SaaS Companies Can Easily Segment Contacts for Personalized Content

Casey Newman
Posted by Casey Newman

Picture this: You’ve just completed a cool new feature for your software. Your development team worked hard on it, and everyone at the company is excited for its debut. You’ve even created a beautifully designed and creatively written email to announce its availability. You send the announcement to your entire email list.

“Why not?” you think. “Everyone needs to know this feature is available.”


A brand new blog subscriber probably hasn’t even researched your software, let alone tried it. Why would she care about the new feature?

And the gentleman who downloaded one top-funnel eBook months ago? He doesn’t know how your product can make his life easier yet. He’s not going to care about your new feature either.

But the people who have researched your software’s features? And those who are currently using the software? They’re the ones who will want to know about this latest announcement.

So how can you find the right people to target at the right time? Segmentation. It allows you to provide the right content to the right person at the right stage in the Buyer’s Journey.

Here is how SaaS companies can start segmenting contacts for personalized content.

How the Digital Revolution is Shaping Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Annie Zelm
Posted by Annie Zelm

Think about the last time you went to the doctor. Chances are, you came armed with at least a few questions, maybe even a request for a lab test. You might have been convinced you knew exactly what was wrong: You just needed someone to narrow it down between a common allergy or something more serious. 

You wanted a definitive answer, and if you didn't get one from your doctor, you were prepared to move on to a specialist. 

Congratulations: You're an informed healthcare consumer. 

How Manufacturing Marketers Can Go Beyond the Case Study [Video]

Kuno Creative Coffee Hour
Posted by Kuno Creative Coffee Hour

Marketing can really make things happen for a company, inside and out—celebrate it!

Kuno Creative’s EVP John McTigue offers advice to help marketers at manufacturing companies go beyond the stale case study and prove their value to prospects with a little more pizzazz. 

3 Innovative Ways SaaS Companies Can Boost Sales Using Personalization

Carrie Dagenhard
Posted by Carrie Dagenhard

Have you ever received a really awful gift?

I mean, a gift so inconceivably terrible, so obviously not you that you had a difficult time concealing your surprised disappointment? It would be ungrateful and selfish to admit you didn’t like a gift another person went out of her way to purchase, wrap and present to you, so you graciously accept, oohing and aahing over the unwanted item.

Boost Your Conversion Results with A/B Testing — 7 Steps to Run a Test

Karen Taylor
Posted by Karen Taylor

Your list is ready. Your emails are loaded. Your landing page is poised for action. You can’t wait to hit the launch button on your new digital campaign. 

But hold on. Before you hit “go,” consider testing it first to make sure it’s ready to deliver optimum conversions. In other words, to achieve the exact goals you have in mind — whether it’s more downloads, more subscribers, or more sales. 

Conversions are the whole point of your digital campaigns. The higher your conversion rates, the higher your sales and profits. The way to achieve higher conversion results is by optimizing your campaigns in ways that compel consumers to open, click and buy more often. 

The secret to achieving optimized campaign results is A/B testing.

Optimize Your Images for an SEO Boost: Here’s How

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

As an ecommerce business owner or a digital marketer, you’re pretty savvy when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). You follow and adhere to all of Google’s updates (you were way ahead of its mobile search update in April 2015), and you’re active on your company’s social media sites. You avoid keyword stuffing, update your blog regularly and avoid posting backlinks on spammy and shady websites.

But did you ever think about optimizing your site’s images?

If you didn’t, here’s why you should and how you can easily optimize your website’s images.


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