Google Plus – A Facebook Killer? Try Getting Past MySpace First. . .

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Google Plus – A Facebook Killer? Try Getting Past MySpace First. . .


Google Plus DominatedPerhaps the hottest conversation going on right now in inbound marketing is Google’s newest foray into social media – Google+. There is certainly no shortage of blog commentary and excitement in the blogosphere either. Some of the biggest names in the internet marketing business like Chris Brogan are jumping on the Google+ bandwagon by evangelizing this new platform and its recent inclusion of brands. His Google+ book is expected to be released soon.

Google+ versus MySpace & Ning

In our recent Why Only 3 Major Social Media Platforms Can Thrive at One Time we look at some of the attributes required for a new social media platform to experience heavy adoption and elite status like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The problem with Google+ is that it can’t even beat out MySpace and just recently barely bumped passed Ning in website traffic. Over the next week or so it will probably dip back below Ning in website traffic too. No one is writing books, evangelizing and publishing blog posts about MySpace and Ning taking over the helm of top social media platform. Sure, Google+ is new and could possibly trend northward in terms of adoption and traffic, but the trend below doesn’t look promising.

Google Plus Quantcast

The Social Media Gold Rush

You’ll notice a spike in traffic for the platform after it was opened up to brands in November. This was expected because marketers like to claim and protect their brands online. The brand adoption looks like a gold rush, but with very little gold to be found. However, if a brand is marketing to tech and marketing geeks perhaps there is gold to be found, because that’s who is on Google+. The only other reason to possibly be on this platform is search engine optimization. However, even this is a guess. We don’t know what weight will be assigned to this attribute and how it will effect Google’s search algorithm yet.

Marketers and bloggers alike should calm down and put Google+ in perspective. It’s understandable why many would want to write the first book, do the first conference presentation or write blog posts about Google+. It’s in our nature to define ourselves as thought leaders with our writing. However, if Google+ can’t beat out MySpace for traffic soon, some marketers’ and bloggers’ thought leader cards may get revoked. By the way, for possible SEO benefits, why not include Kuno in your Google+ Circles. :)

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I recently succumbed to the hype and created a brand page for our online survey company, Zoomerang, on Google+. I'm really open to experimenting with it, but I've found that it's just not as intuitive as Facebook or Twitter. I'll keep reading what you and others write about it in an effort to optimize it for our brand's purposes, but as of now I'm not sold.  
Thanks for keeping us posted on your thoughts and experiences with the platform! 
Posted @ Monday, November 21, 2011 3:31 PM by Hanna
Thanks for the comment. Hype is a good word to describe Google+ for now. Until it looks like it can provide some return I can't spend more then a few minutes per day on it. Conversation and networking are great, but I get my fill of that on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. . .  
Posted @ Monday, November 21, 2011 4:05 PM by Chad H. Pollitt
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