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9 Top-Notch Resources for the 2014 Content Marketer

online marketing resources

As content marketers, we’re constantly tasked with churning out lots of quality—and I mean real quality—content. With the influx of businesses investing in content marketing this year, you can bet all of us writers are going to have to be on top of our game and invest in ourselves to become better writers and content generators. That means taking the time to learn more about our craft, become more technically savvy and think about new ways to woo our audiences with the written word.

11 Ways to Write Quality Copy for Content Marketing

how to write quality content

It isn’t much of a debate anymore—quality trumps, and will continue to trump, quantity when it comes to content. The answer to the quality versus quantity debacle is clear now: Create as much quality content as possible. In other words, it is all about finding a balance between content marketing quality and quantity.  

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