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5 Questions Companies Ask About Website Redesigns

website redesign questions

Redesigning a website is a lot like remodeling a house. It’s a huge undertaking that raises all sorts of questions about what’s really important, what can be tossed aside and what’s just there for curb appeal.

Facebook News Feed Update: Killing Click-Bait

Facebook updates its News Feed to kill click-bait.

On August 25, Facebook announced an update to its News Feed that intends to hide (i.e punish) content that (1) is found to be “Click-bait” and (2) uses embedded links within a status update or photo caption instead of the native, link-formatting feature. If left unheeded, Facebook updates (both from personal accounts and professional Pages) could suffer a drastic decrease in organic reach. But why Facebook? Why?

Book Review: The Marketing Performance Blueprint

its a brand new day for inbound marketing

I just finished Paul Roetzer's outstanding new book, The Marketing Performance Blueprint, so I thought I might offer some thoughts inspired by the book mixed with my own perspectives on where we are going in marketing as a whole. First, let me say Paul has done a great job of detailing the challenges facing marketing executives and solutions that are available today. If you are a decision maker for your company or looking to influence your decision makers about your marketing strategy and plans, you need to read Paul's book. Get it here.

How Can I Improve My Marketing Team’s Creative Thinking?

Creative marketing team

Creativity isn’t just about picking the right shade of teal for your logo—it’s also a vital ingredient for overall business success. Jack Canfield, who wrote the Good Thinking series, says, “Improving creative thinking skills is the key to improving business performance. What differentiates great and not-so-great organizations is if and how they encourage employees to think more effectively.”

What is the Right Video Hosting Site for My Company? [Video]

hosting videos

Video is now one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet. Pretty much everyone loves watching videos. If you have video content or are in the process of creating video content, you’ll eventually run into the issue of where to host your videos.

How to Create a Website Google Hummingbird Will Love

website design for google hummingbird

Backward is the new forward! I love doing things in reverse, especially when it comes to building a website. Most businesses already have a website, and many have gone through at least one redesign over the past few years. Typically, they see their current site as producing disappointing business results and/or seek to modernize it with both content and cool new design. With that end result in mind, they ask designers and copywriters to scrap the old stuff and start fresh. I can't think of a bigger mistake.

Should I Redesign My Website on Wordpress or HubSpot COS?

wordpress or hubspot cos

I often talk to prospective clients about how we can help their companies redesign their websites and get started with inbound marketing. One subject I get asked about a lot is whether a business should redesign its website on Wordpress or the HubSpot COS. When I get this question, I usually start out by asking the prospective client what his reservations are about using the COS. Here are some things I've heard more than once:

Does My Healthcare Website Need a Content Overhaul?

healthcare website redesign

This year marked a big change for healthcare entities: The implementation of the Affordable Care Act now requires online visibility and patient-centric features to be a high priority. In fact, in 2014, hospitals began being judged on their “digital health” for the first time.  

Employing User-Generated Content: Healthcare Marketing

Using user generated content in healthcare marketing.

User-generated content (UGC), otherwise known as consumer generated media (CGM), is arguably the strongest aspect of social media marketing. You can consider user-generated content any blog, video, meme, comment or review created by a non-professional entity made to be publicly shared on the web. Those of us who want to strengthen their visibility on social media (both brand and user) must engage, share and repurpose user-generated content effectively and responsibly.

What Do Inbound Marketers Really Do?

inbound marketers

If you were to stop 100 people on the street and ask what inbound marketers do, you may get 100 different answers. Inbound marketers are creative and strategic professionals who work together to create and distribute meaningful, digestible content that will help, entertain or inform buyers. But if you’re unfamiliar with the disciplines of inbound marketing, you may have a completely different perception.

With all the perceptions out there, we thought it would be fun to make a short video highlighting what people think we do versus what we actually do. Check it out:

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