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How to Turn Your Socially Engaged Employees Into Brand Advocates

socially engaged employees brand advocates

As a die-hard Mad Men fan, I was sad to learn the show is coming to an end next year. In preparation for the final season, I recently started rewatching a few episodes and reminiscing over some of my favorite ad campaigns from the show. One ad, in particular, stills piques my interest the second time I watch its scene—the episode in which Don Draper and his team pitch a thoughtful print ad for Heinz ketchup.

How to Write Simply About Sophisticated Subjects

writing simple content

Leonardo Da Vinci said it best: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It’s a beautiful quote, you say, but his subject matter was humanity and heavenly beings, not manufacturing or software systems. He wasn’t trying to explain the benefits of an executive recruiting firm in a tight market. His job was to create masterpieces for the sake of creating them, not boost revenues by convincing people to buy a product. You have a sophisticated audience, and you need to speak directly to them, not talk down to them.

We hear you.

Structuring Your Sales and Marketing Team for Success

sales and marketing team building

Sales and marketing alignment has been a hot topic for a couple of years now, but is alignment really enough? The idea of taking two organizations with completely different skill sets and missions and fusing them into one sales and marketing machine is nice in theory, but in practice, there are some issues. Is there a better way to build a rockstar sales and marketing team?

Which Visual Marketing Platform is Best for Your Brand?

Visual Marketing

Keeping your business on top of social trends can be an exhausting challenge. As soon as your Facebook page started collecting likes, you had to learn how to market in 140 characters or less. And now that you’re a pro at that, analysts are telling you the real gold is further west; the proverbial marketing princess is in another social network castle.

How Conversion Paths Inform Your Inbound Campaign Strategy

examining conversion paths

As inbound marketers, we love our data. Today’s digital marketing channels let us track and measure more than any channel that came before it, and we’re actually in a position to pick and choose what we track based on how much it can inform our decisions.

We’re able to monitor—down to the minute—website traffic, leads at each stage of the sales funnel, email open rates, email click rates, landing page views, form conversions, blog views and a lot more. Looking at these numbers regularly will provide insight into performance and indicate where there is room for improvement.

Dirty Database? Clean It Up with Inbound Marketing.

hurdle launching inbound strategy

One of the biggest hurdles to launching an inbound strategy for most companies is the existing database of leads. Many of the leads have been accumulated over the years and remained uncontacted except for the occasional sales email, enewsletter blast or tradeshow invite. With a database like that, it’s no wonder marketers who plan to make an investment in marketing software want to make sure they have the right list before they launch.

How to Differentiate Your B2B Brand in 2014

b2b differentiators

Having trouble setting your brand apart from your competitors? You're not alone. If your brand isn't a household name, like Amazon or Fedex, you must find other ways to differentiate and capture market share. Millions of companies like yours struggle with this challenge. The key thing to remember is differentiation is in the eye of the beholder. Your customers will decide who gets the sale.

What Marketers Can Learn from OKC Thunder's Content Strategy

Oklahoma City Thunder Social Media

Yes, I am an OKC Thunder Fan. I’ve followed Kevin Durant’s journey since his days at the University of Texas, and remain a fan until this day. Although my bias skews in favor of my team, this blog won't be about last week’s game, the MVP race or the finals. Rather, I hope to examine the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) brand and how it serves its online community.

How Facebook Cover Photos Enhance Your Marketing Message

australia zoo facebook cover photo

You may not realize the impact your Facebook cover photos have. However, they are an important part of getting your marketing message out in a visual way. To get it right, details for photo size and setup are important. Specs for the Facebook cover photo are 849 pixels wide and 313 pixels tall. And remember to leave space in the bottom left corner where your profile picture will overlap.

For B2B Brands Trying To Reach People On Facebook, It’s Complicated


Last month, Facebook once again slashed organic reach for brand pages to what AdWeek (via ValleyWag) is estimating to be a measly 1 to 2 percent. That’s right, all those Likes on your page, well, you’re only going to reach a small fraction of them if you’re not spending money on Facebook advertising. For brands that spent thousands of dollars to gain Likes through Facebook’s ad platform, it’s another blow, one that really hurts because now to reach those Likes they legitimately bought, they’ll have to pay for it.

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