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How Manufacturers Can Create an Effective Brand Newsroom

Casey Newman
Posted by Casey Newman

While the words "brand newsroom" might conjure images of reporters furiously typing away to meet deadlines, today's brand newsrooms are anything but. They house an organization's publishing efforts and may be staffed by former journalists, marketing or PR folks. They may have a large staff or just a few people on hand. In fact, each newsroom will be staffed differently depending on a company's resources, size and priorities.

And brand newsrooms aren’t just a place for press releases that inform the media anymore. The types of content within them can be used to expand on other content like whitepapers, webinars and tipsheets. And, perhaps most importantly, brand newsrooms have evolved into content hubs used to inform, engage and sometimes even entertain customers and prospects, who, with the internet, have direct access to the information. 

So why should your manufacturing company create one? Having a brand newsroom in place allows your brand to connect with customers like never before by creating and publishing timely and original content. 

When it Comes to Technology Marketing, You Must Tell Your Brand Story

Lara Nour Eddine
Posted by Lara Nour Eddine

To best market your product in the technology industry and make your brand stand out, you must connect with your audience. The best way to do that? Tell them a story they won’t forget.

Of course, it can’t be just any story—it has to be the story of your brand.  

Content Marketers are in a Real-Life Tangibility War

Amanda Bray
Posted by Amanda Bray

I’m having lunch today with five screens: a Macbook screen, a supplemental screen to my right, an iPad in the other room that’s playing music, an iPhone nearby for non-iMessage texts and a TV with Chromecast, which may or may not play the latest from Jimmy Fallon while I eat a sandwich. Being surrounded by glowing screens is a necessary part of life. A necessary evil, most of the time, if you ask me.

Become a Thought Leader in the Manufacturing Industry [Video]

Kuno Creative Coffee Hour
Posted by Kuno Creative Coffee Hour

Being a thought leader in your industry is important in order for customers to value your product and brand. It’s that level of expertise people look to for guidance, which inbound marketing can help promote.  

How Tech Companies Can Turn Employees into Brand Storytellers

Carrie Dagenhard
Posted by Carrie Dagenhard

If I sat down with the CEO of every technology company within a 10 mile radius of our Austin office—which, in a town coined “Silicon Hills,” is quite a few—and said to them: “sharing your brand’s story is critical to your success as a company,” I’m willing to bet almost every single one would agree. Few companies doubt the power and effectiveness of a good narrative as a marketing strategy.

That’s largely because stories are undeniably effective. Stories garner attention. They inform, they entertain and it’s well established that people respond better to stories than stats and facts alone.

Your Hospital Marketing Strategy: Should it be Local or National?

Kristen Hicks
Posted by Kristen Hicks

One of the many factors you must consider when developing your hospital’s marketing strategy is whether to make your focus local or national. Your choice will have a big influence on what your overall inbound marketing strategy looks like. While there may be some overlap in the type of tactics you’d use for local and national marketing strategies, on the whole, each approach involves a different focus and distinct efforts.  

Growing an Inbound Marketing Agency: A Personal Story

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

My partner, Chris Knipper, started Kuno Creative back in 2000. I joined the company in 2004. It's been quite a ride since then. We have transformed ourselves several times and tripled the size of the company in just a few short years. Our biggest transition was from a traditional marketing company into an inbound marketing agency.

In 2015, it feels like we have finally hit our stride, like a racehorse reaching the backstretch, ready to unleash its true potential. How did we get here and what have we learned? For me, it's personal.

How Healthcare Companies Can Stay Ahead of the Competition [Video]

Kuno Creative Coffee Hour
Posted by Kuno Creative Coffee Hour

Competition can be fierce, so staying ahead of yours can make all the difference when it comes to staying on top. In the healthcare industry, being on top is paramount to maintaining patient trust and credibility.

Building A Trusted Health Care News Site: Secrets from Spectrum Health

Annie Zelm
Posted by Annie Zelm

Hospitals have always had fantastic stories to tell. But in the past few decades, many shifted away from telling their own stories and concentrated more of their efforts toward pitching them to the media. 

Now, some of the largest hospitals and health care marketing departments are investing heavily in storytelling once again, hiring top-notch journalists, editors and photographers.

This approach to storytelling has been the driving force behind Spectrum Health Beat, a health news site launched earlier this year by Spectrum Health System. With 12 hospitals, 180 ambulatory and service sites and 1,300 physicians and providers, Spectrum Health is West Michigan’s largest employer.