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The 4 Don’ts of Video Marketing B-Roll

video marketing broll

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, creating great video content is important. One way to help keep your viewers engaged while they are watching your video is to use B-Roll. When I started creating videos, I understood the concept of B-Roll, but I really didn’t grasp the importance of it or how to shoot valuable B-Roll. There have been plenty of situations where I finished a shoot, started editing the video and regretted not shooting the B-Roll I needed.

Facebook "Emotional Contagion" Study: Findings and Implications

Facebook Emotional Contagion Study.

On June 17, Facebook data scientists, in accordance with Cornell University and the University of California, published a study via the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) to reveal an intriguing find regarding Facebook user behavior:

6 Signs It’s Time to Work with an Inbound Marketing Agency

work with inbound marketing agency

Take a moment to think back to the days of group projects at school. In my tenure as a student, I found that, no matter the class, no matter the assignment, there would almost always be four types of people in a group: 

3 Ineffective Homepage Features You Should Stop Using Now

ineffective homepage features

This may be a case of confirmation bias, but last month, I was excited when a new corporate style guide update with a new homepage design for one of our enterprise clients landed in my inbox. The update eliminated three commonly used—but rather useless—features requested over and over again when we design new websites: homepage sliders, tabbed sections and news feeds. 

What Do SEO and Mustaches Have in Common?

rand fishkin seo guru

Well, that's a pretty easy question for those of you who know anything about search engine optimization. The mustache part is, of course, Rand Fishkin, one of the Godfathers of SEO. In fact, these days Rand is sporting a handlebar version that pretty much crushes other attempts at facial hair resplendence. But the real star of the show is SEO, because, contrary to popular mythology, rumors of the demise of SEO have been greatly exaggerated. In a recent Whiteboard Friday, the mustacheoed one explains it perfectly.

8 Reasons You Need Project Management Software for Marketing

peace with project management

When it comes to managing your inbound marketing efforts, there can be an overwhelming number of deadlines, to-do lists, team members to manage and fine details to pay close attention to. It can be difficult for any sane person to keep all of it straight. In fact, it’s enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure and keep you awake at night!

SaaS Marketing Examples: Rapid Growth Company


At some point between startup and market domination, there's a wild and wooly ride coming for successful SaaS companies. Once you get past David Skok's "cash flow trough," that scary place before your company reaches break-even territory, it's time to put the peddle to the metal. Why? Because rapid growth is the name of the game. You must capture market share quickly or die trying, bearing in mind you must also continuously reduce customer acquisition costs, reduce churn and maximize customer lifetime value. Whew! Yeah, a lot of companies die trying, but some flourish. My favorite example? HubSpot.

Real-Time Marketing Tips Inspired by #LebronWatch2014

Tide real time marketing

Those of us in Cleveland have been on pins and needles awaiting Lebron Jame’s 2014 decision of where he will play for the 2014-15 NBA season. (Come home, Lebron! We’ll forgive you!)

Why You're Not Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Business Page

Follow Us LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

Social media networking has become one of any business’ most powerful tools for generating leads and conversions. Its power wholly depends on your ability to use it effectively. You may already have a page or handle set up, but mere existence is unlikely to generate much in the way of customer attention or sales. Consider the items below and implement them into your LinkedIn gameplan to ensure your page doesn’t just exist—it dominates.

3 Reasons Why Inbound is More Lovable Than Traditional Marketing

Inbound marketing reels in quality leads by serving up quality content.

I recently attended one of HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing events, where hoards of inbounders talked shop and listened to some insightful presentations. Dan Tyre, HubSpot’s sales director, opened the floor by discussing various aspects of inbound marketing, and though his entire presentation was great, one statement stood out to me—“Marketing has a lovability problem.”

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