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Paid Media: Winning the Retargeting Game

retargeting paid media

You went to Zappos and looked at a really cool pair of sandals you want to buy before you hit the beach this summer. But for one reason or another, you ended up clicking away before actually making the purchase. Then, while checking the latest news on, you notice an ad for the exact pair of sandals you were just thinking about purchasing.

5 Tips to Determine Which Types of Content Do Well In Your Niche

target audience content marketing strategy

There are a lot of great advantages that come with marketing for a niche industry: being easily recognized as a thought leader, narrow competition and a better chance at reaching your target audience. But when you’re trying to decide which types of content to focus your marketing strategy on, a small sample size or lack of research can be tricky to deal with. There are some niches more difficult to create content for than others. However, with some hard work and testing, you can determine which types of content your niche’s target audience will engage with and convert for.

The 3 Content Marketing Projects You Need to Stop Ignoring

ignore content marketing

There’s a lot to like about being a brand journalist at Kuno Creative, but one of my favorite things is that, at the start of each new month, I know (for the most part) what my deliverables for that month will be. I’m a planner, you see, and knowing exactly what’s expected of me early on helps me better plan my month. But as all planners know, something inevitably throws the plan off course. You’re asked to attend meetings on short notice; someone on your team is taken ill for several days; your boss assigns you a new high-priority project. 

How Do I Create an Editorial Calendar for My Business Blog?

business blog content calendar

The online world moves at a rapid pace, and businesses need to publish fresh content often to stay top of mind.

What to Do When You're Running Out of Content Ideas in Manufacturing

History of manufacturing

Do you ever think to yourself, “If I’m tired of writing about this, then my readers are definitely tired of hearing about it”?

6 Components of a Flawless Sales Email

sales emails that convert

Marketing tools have grown varied and sophisticated with every passing year. But the one facet of marketing that has stood the test of time is email marketing.

The 4 Don’ts of Video Marketing B-Roll

video marketing broll

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, creating great video content is important. One way to help keep your viewers engaged while they are watching your video is to use B-Roll. When I started creating videos, I understood the concept of B-Roll, but I really didn’t grasp the importance of it or how to shoot valuable B-Roll. There have been plenty of situations where I finished a shoot, started editing the video and regretted not shooting the B-Roll I needed.

Facebook "Emotional Contagion" Study: Findings and Implications

Facebook Emotional Contagion Study.

On June 17, Facebook data scientists, in accordance with Cornell University and the University of California, published a study via the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) to reveal an intriguing find regarding Facebook user behavior:

6 Signs It’s Time to Work with an Inbound Marketing Agency

work with inbound marketing agency

Take a moment to think back to the days of group projects at school. In my tenure as a student, I found that, no matter the class, no matter the assignment, there would almost always be four types of people in a group: 

3 Ineffective Homepage Features You Should Stop Using Now

ineffective homepage features

This may be a case of confirmation bias, but last month, I was excited when a new corporate style guide update with a new homepage design for one of our enterprise clients landed in my inbox. The update eliminated three commonly used—but rather useless—features requested over and over again when we design new websites: homepage sliders, tabbed sections and news feeds. 

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