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How Healthcare Marketers Can Encourage Shared Media On Social Channels

Kuno Creative
Posted by Kuno Creative

In the digital age of “updates,” “re-tweets,” “shares” and “likes,” healthcare marketers have a unique opportunity to disseminate their message to the masses. Shared media is essentially the new “word of mouth.” This is in part to a growing number of consumers spending more time online communicating via social channels than ever before.

The key to maximizing shared media’s potential, however, is through content audiences find of significant value—so much so, they are compelled to engage with it or share it with their networks.

Here’s a brief look at four ways that, as a healthcare marketer, you can encourage shared media and master this media trend to take your company’s message viral.

How to Create Compelling Content for a Saas Company

Casey Newman
Posted by Casey Newman

Being a SaaS marketer comes with its own set of unique challenges: You need to always be abreast of the quickly changing landscape and the needs of your customers, all while developing useful content that delights your prospects and end users. This is no easy feat, so when it comes to creating compelling content for a SaaS company, it can sometimes feel as if you’ve hit a wall.

But finding the right content is always possible — if you know where to look. Here are six easy ways to keep the SaaS content flowing.

How to Use Storytelling to Enhance Your Healthcare Content

Carrie Dagenhard
Posted by Carrie Dagenhard

Seated outside a bustling downtown cafe, just a few steps from her physician’s office, Jane Smith retrieves a prescription slip from her bag, flips the cover off her iPad and enters a short Google query. Like more than half of consumers in the U.S., Jane uses the internet to research her medications. “I trust my doctor,” she says. “But I think it’s important to educate myself as well.”

About 67 percent of U.S. consumers rely on online sources when researching medications, according to global research firm ORC Social Buzz.

Pop quiz: Which of the above paragraphs was a more enticing and interesting read?

4 Ways CMOs Can Think Like a Media Company

Annie Zelm
Posted by Annie Zelm

Not long ago, marketing existed in silos. Someone was responsible for press releases and media relations, while another individual (or an agency) was in charge of buying radio and TV ads. Each part of the team concentrated on a few aspects that made up the overall strategy.

Today, marketing teams can no longer afford to take this stratified approach.

The digital revolution has turned the traditional model on its head. The average buyer is more sophisticated and informed, unlikely to be persuaded by a single well-placed ad.

Your customers conduct extensive research online, whether they’re buying a $200 fitness tracker or deciding which $200,000 software program is right for their company.

They’re searching on Google, scanning customer reviews and absorbing any other information they can find—blog articles, forums, guides and social media posts—to learn more. They have more access to independent sources of information and opinions from others than ever before.

In fact, it’s now acknowledged that in the B2B sector, about 80 percent of the sales cycle is complete before potential buyers ever talk to a sales representative. That can either be a relief or an unnerving reality, depending on how confident you are that your solution is accurately portrayed and stands out above the rest.

As a Chief Marketing Officer, the extent to which you can guide their decision relies heavily on your team’s ability to create persuasive content that speaks to them at every stage.

Two Marketing Secrets the Fastest-Growing Tech Companies Know

Stephanie Kapera
Posted by Stephanie Kapera

For young tech companies, there’s no higher honor than a spot on the annual Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. For marketing researchers, the Inc. 5000 represents a unique data set, ripe with opportunity to learn something about what great companies have in common.

Recently, I took some time to research the 2014 winners of the Inc. 5000 awards in the “Software” category. My unofficial study looked at each company’s website through the eyes of a marketer, with the goal of understanding what they might be doing differently than their non-ranked competitors. Overwhelmingly, I found evidence of inbound marketing across the board—of the top technology companies, most of them had a blog on their website, and many also featured a resource section with educational content.

So, what about their inbound marketing efforts stood out? I noticed two key themes throughout the companies I researched:

5 Questions to Ask Before Creating Marketing Videos for a Tech Company

Steven Beller
Posted by Steven Beller

Coming up with video marketing strategy takes more than just an idea; it takes time, people, creativity, experience, an understanding of the audience and topic and, of course, talent. Plus there are several challenges marketers in the technology world face: sophisticated products that need to be explained in 60 to 90 seconds, an intangible solution and a long list of competitors. 

So before you throw your resources out the window, here are few helpful questions you might want to ask yourself before diving in to video marketing for your technology company.

Healthcare Marketers: Now is Your Opportunity to Build an Audience

Brianne Carlon Rush
Posted by Brianne Carlon Rush

One of every 10 people said if it weren’t for web-based health information, they’d be dead or severely incapacitated. Let this stat from Philip Healthcare sink in. One in 10 people who use the Internet believe healthcare content saved their lives. Clearly, people value content.

And it isn’t just in life or death situations. A Pew Internet study found 80 percent of Internet users have looked online for information—this translates to 59 percent of all adults.

That means now is the perfect time for healthcare industries, especially those rooted in patient care, to create an online community that will benefit both your marketing efforts, as well as your audiences’ healthcare needs.

Top 5 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Humanize Their Marketing

John McTigue
Posted by John McTigue

I was going to write a post featuring the coolest manufacturing companies that celebrate their people and humanize their brands. Trouble is, I couldn't find any—other than the usual suspects like Apple and a few other Tech and Consumer Goods giants. So discouraging! Oh well, maybe we marketers aren't getting through yet to the heavy industries. Manufacturing companies are still struggling with that me-first mentality that emphasizes their products and shows photos of their buildings rather than their people. Here are a few suggestions for joining the human race.

The Power of LinkedIn In Healthcare Marketing

Annie Zelm
Posted by Annie Zelm

If you still think LinkedIn is only useful to job-seekers and employers looking to hire, consider these eye-opening statistics the network recently reported: