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Get More Reach For Your Content With Distribution Platforms

Jarrick Cooper
Posted by Jarrick Cooper

Inbound marketing can take time, so don't get down on yourself if things aren't panning out the way you hoped they would just yet. The results can stack up over time, so you have to be patient and consistent with your marketing efforts.

Schellman & Company Makes a Name for Itself with Website Redesign

Casey Newman
Posted by Casey Newman

As the leading provider of integrated compliance services, Schellman & Company (Schellman) is setting the pace in the compliance industry.

Here, we examine how Schellman successfully rebranded, connected with current clients, reached prospects and communicated its unique and powerful message through a website redesign and brand harvesting process.

Why SaaS Content Marketing Should Extend Beyond the Sale

Kristen Hicks
Posted by Kristen Hicks

Your customers are some of your most valuable leads. Marketers often focus on attracting new leads (which matters), but the customers you already have can be far more valuable to your business in the long run than the new leads you bring in.

9 Organic Keyword Strategy Hacks You Need to Know

Carrie Dagenhard
Posted by Carrie Dagenhard

Whether you’re trying to calculate how many cups are in a quart, find the name of that actor from that one movie you watched last weekend or locate the closest Indian buffet (mmm), chances are you start your journey on Google. (Or maybe Bing, Yahoo or—gulp—AOL.) It’s nearly automatic now: You slide your phone out of your pocket, type in your keyword phrase and within nanoseconds you have all the info you need.

Why Your Confusing Website Content Is Costing You Business

Jackie Van Meter
Posted by Jackie Van Meter

How is your online money-making machine doing? Is it spitting out $100 bills at a rapid rate, or is it driving valuable prospects to your competitors?

Why Video Marketing Is a Huge Opportunity for Manufacturers

Jarrick Cooper
Posted by Jarrick Cooper

Video marketing continues to rise in popularity, which creates a distinct opportunity for manufacturers. Service and software industries can utilize video to an extent, but manufacturers, with parts, pieces and processes galore, can truly utilize this communication tactic to intrigue and delight buyers.

How to Know It's Time to Outsource Content Marketing

Jessy Smulski
Posted by Jessy Smulski

Have you ever left the office after a particularly long day and stood outside for a moment just to feel fresh air on your face? Your job has you stretched way too thin. You’re juggling more marketing campaigns than you can effectively track. And your content to-do list is about as long as Shakespeare’s complete collection of plays.

Exhausted, you marinate in the soft glow of the parking lot lights and wait for your restless mind to slow down before the commute home. Your attention wanders to the dusky sky above, and that’s when a despairing soliloquy trails from your lips …

Trust Me: Mobile-First Web Design is the Way to Go

Callie Hinman
Posted by Callie Hinman

Mobile-first web design isn’t an extraordinarily new concept; Luke Wroblewski first proposed the idea about six years ago (which in technological terms is almost forever).

But since the percentage of mobile-only internet users has begun to exceed the percentage of desktop-only users, many visitors may only ever see the mobile version of your site. In other words, mobile UX can no longer be a secondary consideration—it needs to be your primary concern.

Read on to discover the ins, outs, pros and cons of mobile-first web design.

Why Your Hospital Needs a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Kristen Hicks
Posted by Kristen Hicks

Smartphones are everywhere. By now you can’t deny it. Whether or not you’re one of the many people who keeps your smartphone close at all times, as a healthcare marketer you must care about what the growth in mobile devices means for how people search and interact with brands.


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