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About Kuno Creative


Kuno Creative provides content marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation services to deliver more qualified leads to your sales team, reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value. We supply access to talent and speed to market to increase leads and conversions to customers via enterprise inbound marketing.

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Value Proposition

  • Increase revenues by filling your sales funnel with qualified leads and by optimizing your sales funnel to convert more leads into customers
  • Save money by utilizing proven low cost-per-lead tactics and by making your sales and marketing process more efficient
  • Accelerate time-to-ROI by hiring a team of experts dedicated to quickly achieving your business goals for digital marketing

What makes Kuno Creative different is that we offer a multi-disciplinary team that creates compelling, high-quality content tuned to your target market to attract sales qualified leads. We have copywriters, designers, developers, data analysts and digital strategists, in-house, who are exclusively focused on content marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, marketing automation and analytics.

We continuously optimize calls-to-action, landing pages and lead nurturing communications, which results in higher conversion rates and the ability to move qualified sales prospects down the sales funnel more efficiently. We specialize in content marketing and marketing automation to achieve KPIs for your enterprise, and our scorecards allow you to monitor results and make better decisions.

Reasons to Partner with Kuno Creative

  • Gain brand awareness, velocity and speed in your market
  • Fill your sales funnel with more qualified sales leads
  • Optimize your sales funnel to convert more MQL’s and SQL’s
  • Reduce the number of leads lost due to lack of attention
  • Reduce the length of your sales cycle and reach buyers when they are ready
  • Retain high margin customers and reduce churn
  • Improve customer service and increase customer lifetime value
  • Improve sales and marketing alignment and communication
  • Improve sales performance and marketing ROI
  • Access digital marketing talent without recruiting and hiring
  • Leverage the experience of expert users to accelerate marketing ROI

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