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KPIs & Analytics

Make better decisions based on lead intelligence

newk-int-kpiicongrayLeading marketing automation systems enable you to gather data from content marketing, demand generation and lead nurturing activities, but what about the results? How can you turn this gold mine of information into a business decision process? The first step is to establish criteria for success. What are your key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals for each one? How can you track these metrics on a regular, sustained basis and present reports to decision makers that enable them to easily understand and evaluate trends and ROI?

Our approach is to work with your team to pinpoint the most relevant KPIs, often falling into several important categories:

  • General performance metrics – traffic, new leads, reach, subscriptions
  • Channel-based performance – website, blog, social networks, search engines
  • Source-based performance – direct traffic, organic search, referrals, email, ppc
  • Campaign-based performance – demand generation and lead nurturing campaign opens, click-throughs, conversions, conversion rates
  • Sales funnel performance – new leads, marketing qualified leads (MQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs), sales accepted leads (SALs), opportunities, customers
  • Direct impact on sales – qualified leads handed off to sales
  • Closed-loop data - leads deemed unqualified by sales and returned to lead nurturing
  • Revenue-based metrics - cost per lead, marketing contribution to pipeline, ROI

We provide an effective alternative to in-house resources by providing:

  • In-depth, onsite meetings to develop strategy and action plans
  • Strategy for selecting relevant KPIs, criteria for status changes and performance goals and timelines
  • Creation of a scorecard that tracks monthly performance of KPIs and allows easy assessment of goal attainment or deficiency
  • Comprehensive reporting on all relevant metrics (above categories)
  • Strategy for improvement and remediation based on monthly scorecards
  • Regular meetings to review progress, assess KPIs and update strategy
  • Onsite continuous improvement meetings to identify and overcome challenges

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