Story Two

From Handshakes to a HubSpot COS Website:

A professional
services firm


The Company

Consulting Firm with a Proprietary SaaS Product

Old approach

Cold-Calling, Word-of-Mouth, Relationship Marketing

Their audience

C-Level Executives at Wholesale Manufacturing Companies

new approach

Website Redesign, Digital Marketing

How did a COO help his CEO grow his consulting and software company through a scalable sales and marketing strategy?


The Backstory

Our client, Peter, was the marketing director at an Ohio-based consulting firm.
Their Competitive Advantages
  • A five-time Inc. 5000 company—an Ohio-based consulting firm—had been recording 50 percent year-over-year growth for several years.
  • Now the company wanted to grow even more aggressively, and Peter, the new COO, was worried their old-school tactics weren’t scalable.

The Old Way

The firm’s CEO was well-known in his industry, and business spiked whenever he had a speaking engagement. Based on his reputation alone, the company was doing well and had recently hired an inside sales rep to cold-call target businesses on a wish list.

With the company’s aggressive growth goals, however, Peter wanted a more scalable customer acquisition infrastructure in place. Peter had experience in business development and knew what had to be done, but as COO he lacked the time to implement a new system single-handedly.


The New Way

Peter convinced the CEO digital marketing was critical. Once the firm chose a HubSpot inbound agency, the first step was to redesign the website.

The current iteration of the site was overwhelmingly brochure-like. It featured a single Contact Us form, no blog and no gated content—in other words, it lacked conversion opportunities. But a new site was created with the help of a HubSpot COS-certified marketing agency (us!).

Because the updated site was organized with the firm's buyer personas in mind, the company could more easily target individual buyers by using truly relevant language. The website could now be used for both building brand reputation and capturing leads.

We also helped launch the firm’s content marketing efforts, which included videos, infographics, guides and webinars. This content was promoted on their new website, LinkedIn and industry publications.


The results:



...from Fortune 500 manufacturing and industrial companies.


...from hosting webinars with relevant partners, like online industry-specific publications.


Established a reputation and scored interviews with leading industry journals.

To Sum Up...

Peter’s firm historically relied heavily on the CEO’s reputation to generate new business, which wasn’t a scalable strategy. By partnering with an agency, Peter’s company launched a new sales-ready website and marketing campaigns that attracted new qualified leads.