Story Four

From Traditional to Digital:

A communications
management company


The Company

Communications Management Company

Old approach

Relationship Marketing

Their audience

Marketing Directors, Directors of Operations

new approach

Website Redesign,
Content Marketing

How did a new marketing department take a totally new approach to lead generation?


The Backstory

When Brian joined the business communications management company’s team in 2014, he was the first marketing person in the organization’s 55-year history.

The company had been successful for decades as a provider of printing services, but since the print industry was becoming obsolete, Brian wanted to shift perception of the brand to a company that was integrating print and technology.

The Challenge
  • Introducing the Inbound Marketing concept to a company that was set in its ways while building a department from the ground up.

The Old Way

The business had never used marketing for lead generation.

Instead, it had relied on cold-calling and existing relationships. The only content the company had were ad hoc fliers the sales team had created using their own printing equipment.

Brian had two primary goals for his company:

  • Generate quality leads via content and the website
  • Ending the "on the fly" marketing sales reps were doing and establishing a thorough marketing process

After doing research, he determined the best approach was inbound marketing.


The New Way

After finding an inbound agency (us!) via a recommendation from HubSpot, Brian had to get buy-in from his sales and management teams. He won over sales by explaining that inbound would allow them to focus more on closing deals and less on prospecting.

The first step was identifying the company’s target audience. After determining the company’s five major buyer personas, we created a content marketing strategy, which included blogs, infographics, premium downloads (such as eBooks and guides), video content and a website redesign.

During this time, we also onboarded the company onto HubSpot, which allowed them to take advantage of lead segmentation and scoring as well as marketing automation.


The results:


100,000 VISITS

Attained in 9 months.


Attained in 9 months.


Attained in 9 months.

To Sum Up...

Brian’s company had never used marketing for lead generation. To kickstart the new strategy, Brian enlisted the help of an inbound agency to redesign the outdated website, create marketing content and begin attracting high-quality leads.