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Industrial Marketing

Attract More Qualified Leads with Inbound Marketing

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Unlike many industries in which potential buyers must be convinced they have a need, industrial buyers are usually well aware they have a need and are already researching products to fill that need. Most of your business comes from cold calling, word-of-mouth referrals or repeat customers, so you’re skeptical ramping up your online marketing efforts will prove effective to your bottom line. In reality, inbound marketing can extend your reach, attract new potential buyers and deliver more qualified leads for your sales team.

Keys to Success in Inbound Marketing for Industrial Marketing Management

Get Found Online

Get Found Online - Buyer Insight and Website Redesign

Today, 80 percent of B2B purchase cycles are completed before the buyer contacts sales. Potential buyers are gathering much of their information on available solutions through online searches. To attract visitors to your website and convert them into leads, your website must be optimized. Do this by:

  • Creating and mapping content to the buyer journey
  • Creating conversion opportunities
Refine the Sales Cycle

Refine the Sales Cycle - Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing

Your products are specialized and high-priced, and as such, your sales cycle is relatively long. Clearly defining the information your potential buyers need to see throughout the buyer journey can help you improve, possibly even shorten, your sales cycle. Do this by:

  • Strategizing campaigns based on buyer insights
  • Creating the right content for the right time
  • Implementing marketing automation to reduce manual work
  • Research new touch opportunities to reach potential buyers
Deliver Qualified Leads

Deliver Qualified Leads - Lead Scoring and Sales-Readiness Triggers

Sales for your products almost always come as a result of requests-for-quotes (RFQs) or bid packages. These take significant time and effort to create, so your sales team isn’t interested in more leads—they want more qualified leads. Not only does inbound marketing effectively weed out more unqualified leads, it also puts the sales team in a better position to sell by:

  • Aligning sales and marketing KPIs
  • Providing sales with key insights into buyer behavior
  • Identifying sales-readiness triggers
  • Assigning numerical value to leads through lead scoring
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