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Inbound marketing has proven effective for industrial manufacturing companies like yours, but there are challenges to overcome. Having worked with technology and industrial manufacturing companies since 2000, we understand the need for continuous improvement and showing results to prove the ROI of digital marketing. Our Digital Marketing Assessment is a great first step to see where you are and how you can improve to meet your goals.


We kick off our assessment by taking a deep dive into your current marketing efforts. We review your marketing goals, evaluate your overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitive analysis and analyze your website’s usability, structure and messaging.

Then, we immerse ourselves in the data to find ways to improve results from SEO, PPC and Social Media. We study your website to find new and better ways to capture more qualified leads and nurture them into sales.

Armed with the information from our research, we translate what we’ve learned into reports that summarize our findings and present our recommendations.

We finish off the Assessment with a formal presentation and Q & A for your digital marketing stakeholders.

You can implement our recommendations in-house or work with us to implement—it’s up to you!

No matter your choice, we’ve found companies that complete the assessment get better, faster inbound marketing results than those that don’t.

What Clients Say About Kuno's Digital Marketing


Recent research indicates 57 percent of digital engagement with desired customers is preceded by a print interaction. Our lead generation efforts with Kuno Creative grew exponentially once we designed and executed an integrated, multi-channel Go-To-Market strategy.
- Bob Guyatt, Former VP Integrated Marketing Communications, Danaher Corporation.

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