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Tender Rose Case Study

The Company & Challenge

Tender Rose, based in San Francisco, California, is a home care agency like no other. The company provides dementia-specific home care for Bay Area clients and delivers the most extensive dementia care training in the industry.

But in an industry flooded with nursing homes and home care agencies, Tender Rose struggled to build awareness for its growing company. What’s more, family members with loved ones who have dementia (B2C buyers) and geriatric care professionals (B2B referral sources) did not understand the type of care Tender Rose provides. For example, many thought Tender Rose was an assisted living facility or run-of-the-mill home care agency.


Tender Rose needed a new website and a digital marketing plan to help B2B referral sources and B2C buyers understand dementia care and the level of specialized, dementia-specific home care the agency provides.

But Tender Rose CEO Jim Kimzey, who also has 20+ years experience in healthcare marketing, knew he needed time and a full-blown strategy to execute the projects successfully. He started with Kuno Creative’s 60-Day Marketing Assessment and Plan. After reviewing Tender Rose’s goals and marketing challenges with the Kuno Creative leadership team, Kuno created a customized assessment process and set of deliverables to be completed over the following two-month period. The assessment would include building buyer personas, developing a detailed content marketing strategy and creating cohesive website branding.

The Solution

Kuno Creative worked closely with the Tender Rose leadership team at the start of the 60-day period to review existing marketing assets, processes and messaging. The Kuno Creative team then created buyer personas, design mockups for a new website and fresh messaging that reflected everything learned during the review period. Kuno created a report outlining detailed campaigns to be executed over a 12-month period.

The suggested campaigns were designed to tackle the key marketing challenges the Kuno team identified as the most pressing. The goals of those campaigns were as follows:

  • Increase brand awareness among Tender Rose’s three primary target audiences by implementing highly focused content marketing initiatives
  • Increase the number of sales qualified leads (SQLs) among B2B referral sources by creating targeted content and implementing a demand generation strategy
  • Accelerate the sales cycle for B2C sales by creating targeted content to help educate consumers during the consideration phase of the sales cycle

The Objectives

Kimzey had clear business objectives he wanted to meet by entering into a relationship with the Kuno team. Those objectives included:

  • Immersing the Kuno team in his industry to help his team look at their marketing challenges with fresh eyes
  • Deepening his understanding of how Tender Rose was perceived by existing employees, clients, referral sources and industry thought leaders
  • Identifying the gaps between how Tender Rose was being perceived and how the company wanted to be perceived
  • Creating a strategy for closing those gaps with a prioritized plan that delivered the most value for the company’s current marketing budget

To meet those objectives, Kuno created a series of customized deliverables during the 60-day assessment period, all based on Tender Rose’s specific needs and marketing challenges:

  • Conduct 10-15 interviews with customers, target buyers and the Tender Rose team, onsite and over the phone
  • Create Buyer Insight Report with analysis of buyer sentiments, target audiences and messaging
  • Build digital marketing scorecard with suggested KPIs for marketing goals
  • Deliver recommendations and strategy for content marketing supported by campaign plans
  • Create wireframes and design concepts for new home page, interior page and blog

The Process

After conducting three in-depth interviews with the Tender Rose leadership team, Kuno Creative traveled to the Tender Rose office for a two-day, onsite workshop. During the onsite visit, the Kuno team received invaluable insight into Tender Rose’s company culture, business model and customer base—leaving the Kuno team with a deeper understanding of Tender Rose’s business as a whole and how it should be branded throughout the new website and content.

During the visit, a Kuno Creative Strategist and brand journalist interviewed additional Tender Rose employees, attended an industry event focused on dementia and met with both B2B and B2C buyers. These in-person experiences accelerated the research process, messaging and content strategy development, as the team was able to witness Tender Rose’s marketing and customer challenges firsthand.

“The employees, clients, business partners and industry thought leaders who we invited to be part of the assessment process were all excited to participate and impressed that Tender Rose had hired Kuno to help with our marketing,” Kimzey says. “From the interactions the Kuno team had with our stakeholders, we developed new referral sources from thought leaders and increased our revenue even before the 60-day assessment was completed.”

Upon returning to Kuno Creative offices, the content team took findings from the interviews and onsite visit to create a Buyer Insight Report consisting of buyer pain points and sentiments, sample messaging and content strategy for building brand awareness, driving sales and increasing engagement.

Based on insight from the report and the onsite visit, the Kuno Creative brand marketing director worked hand-in-hand with a designer to develop concepts for Tender Rose’s new website. The Buyer Insight Report, campaign recommendations, design concepts and website messaging were presented to Tender Rose during weekly meetings over a four-week period.

The Timeline

  • Week 1KICKOFF MEETING with the Tender Rose and Kuno Creative teams to discuss goals, timeline and expectations.
  • Week 2: Content strategist and brand journalist CONDUCTED IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS via phone with the Tender Rose leadership team.
  • Week 3: Kuno Creative team traveled to San Francisco for TWO-DAY ONSITE VISIT and conducted in-person interviews and met with customers, senior care facility managers and local thought leaders.
  • Week 4: Presented WIREFRAME CONCEPT to Tender Rose team
  • Week 5: Presented BUYER INSIGHT REPORT consisting of buyer sentiments, target audiences and messaging along with content marketing goals and recommendations.
  • Week 6: Presented branded HOMEPAGE DESIGN CONCEPTS AND MESSAGING to Tender Rose and discussed goals, rationale and buyer journey.
  • Week 7: Presented INTERIOR PAGE AND BLOG PAGE DESIGN CONCEPTS, including a new page specifically designed to brand Tender Rose’s dementia care methodology.

The Outcome

At the end of the assessment, Tender Rose also received a content marketing plan with strategic goals and recommendations for campaigns, which combined ideas for blogs, educational eBooks and guides, videos, landing pages, lead nurturing and demand generation.

Kuno Creative completed the assessment period with a strategic plan in place, giving Tender Rose the utmost confidence in working with Kuno to carry out the marketing objectives over the next 12 months.

“It was clear Kuno Creative took the time and effort to really understand our business,” says Kimzey. “The plans, concepts and messaging they produced showed they get Tender Rose and what we do. It gives me great confidence as we move forward onto the next phase of our relationship.”

The Bottom Line

Before reaching out to Kuno Creative, Tender Rose relied on word-of-mouth referrals to drive sales—the company now needed an inbound marketing strategy focused on building brand awareness, educating target audiences and creating engaging content that positions Tender Rose as a thought leader in the dementia care space.

The 60-Day Marketing Assessment and Plan allowed the teams to strategize, innovate and produce a cohesive inbound marketing plan, quickly setting Kuno Creative and Tender Rose up for success.

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