Giving Your Website Visitors a Personalized Experience [Video]

Giving Your Website Visitors a Personalized Experience [Video]

By Kuno Creative VideosAug 28 /2015


The last time you logged into Netflix or Amazon, did you notice the pages were updated with shows and products related to ones you watched or purchased previously? Now ask yourself, "Is my website offering that same sort of personalization?"

If not, you likely already have the data to make it happen. With the information you've collected about your visitors, you can start personalizing your website to deliver the content each visitor wants.

In the video below, Kuno Creative Technology Director Dan Stasiewski touches on the importance of using your known visitor information to give your website visitors a personalized experience.

Giving Your Website Visitors a Personalized Experience [Video]

Video Transcript:

When people are thinking about user experience online, they really have to think about guiding people through the buyer's journey appropriately. If you have a marketing platform that can connect up your database to your website and provide relevant information to each individual as they come to your website, then you can change the experience for each individual user.

You're providing them with the right message at the right time in the buying cycle. You're giving them relevant information based off of information that they have given you in the past and really connecting up the marketing automation database to the user's profile and what they've already done on your website.

The users do appreciate that, and they are taking into account that you are paying attention to their needs and their wants along the way of the buyer's cycle.

Are you providing them with the right educational content? You don't want somebody who's a dog owner to get cat food information. When somebody's coming to your website you wanna make sure that somebody who's interested in a specific industry, who has downloaded different things on your website, is getting follow-up information in a very personalized manner that changes on the homepage, on interior pages.

All of the content on your website should be fluid in that respect to make sure that the user is having the best experience possible.

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