11 Signs You’re Definitely an Inbound Marketer

11 Signs You’re Definitely an Inbound Marketer

By Stephanie HawkinsDec 29 /2014

youre-an-inbound-marketer-ifThere were more companies doing inbound marketing in 2014 than ever before. And that means more marketing professionals are identifying themselves as inbound marketers now than at any time in years past. On LinkedIn, a simple search turns up 263,153 people with the term “inbound marketing” in their profile. So how do you know if you’re an inbound marketer? Here’s an easy way to tell. If you identify with any of the following, you—yes, you—might just be an inbound marketer!

You might be an inbound marketer if...

  1. You look over your romantic partner’s shoulder to see which search terms he’s typing into Google.

  2. You’re constantly saying, “That would make a great blog post!” in the middle of conversations.

  3. You have a Gmail folder entitled “Great Email Copywriting Examples” in which you collect marketing emails you're especially fond of.

  4. You’ve had at least one dream in the past six months featuring a marketing automation platform.

  5. You jump for joy when a new A Book Apart book arrives in the mail.

  6. You know off the top of your head which brands have the best blogs.

  7. You set up Google Analytics for your wedding website.

  8. You think quality content is the answer to everything.

  9. You vehemently object when a landing page form for a top-of-the-funnel offer has “Phone Number” as a required field.

  10. You get 15 emails a day from HubSpot and you’re not even mad.

  11. You can totally relate to this slideshare.

Want more marketing humor to ring in the new year? Here's a slideshare from Marketing Profs that answers the "You Know You're a Marketer If..." sentence with fun illustrations. And if you've got a “You might be an inbound marketer if” of your own to share, we want to hear it—leave your responses in the comments below!

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