#INBOUND16: 3 New HubSpot Features You Need to Know

#INBOUND16: 3 New HubSpot Features You Need to Know

By Carrie DagenhardNov 9 /2016

HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah just took the stage for their highly anticipated keynote and reveal of the shiny new features HubSpotters will enjoy in the coming months. We’re so excited to share our favorites, we couldn’t wait another moment.

While you can see a full list of all the HubSpot updates on HubSpot.com, we’d like to take a moment to break down our top three:

HubSpot Messaging

Great salespeople know the best time to engage prospects is directly after they’ve engaged with you. But what if you could engage your prospects as they’re engaging with you? And what if you could do so in a way that’s human-friendly and non-invasive? In a way that allows you to assist prospects at the precise moment they need you most? I imagine you’d be pretty excited, right?

One of the biggest and most well received of HubSpot’s product announcements today was the Messages feature. This tool allows salespeople to connect one-on-one with website visitors as they’re viewing your site. And best of all, it integrates seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM so you can quickly and easily capture the information you need to personalize future interactions and nurture your prospects through the buyer’s journey.

Visual Workflows

Does the idea of creating workflows make you nervous? You’re not alone. While robust, the current HubSpot Workflows tool can be challenging to master—and even more challenging to explain to your team. When something is even the least bit tedious, achieving buy-in for automation can be an uphill battle. So this update should come as welcome news.

HubSpot has completely revamped workflows in a way that will dissolve those headaches and make building workflows simpler—and, dare I say, kind of fun. Here’s why:

  • It’s highly visual. You can build out workflows and follow branches in a logical way that’s easy to follow. No more clicking around or struggling to make sense of what you’ve created. It’s streamlined, simple and aesthetically pleasing. 

  • It eliminates the need for external tools. Say goodbye to diagrams, whiteboards and messy notepad sketches. You can do it all in one place, and quickly train other team members to do the same.

  • It makes reviews a cinch. Have you ever tried to explain a workflow to your CEO? It’s sort of like nailing Jell-O to a tree. But with the Visual Workflows Editor, you can give your boss a colorful, user-friendly and easily digestible snapshot.

visual workflow editor.png

Content Composer

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes long for the organic experience of old school copywriters (a la Peggy Olson) with nothing but a nice clean stack of paper, a typewriter and a brain full of imaginative ideas. While the arsenal of apps and tools available today help us work more efficiently, constant interruptions from coworkers and other distractions sometimes make tackling a simple blog post seem like running a marathon in cement boots (and lead to grouchy writers.)

HubSpot has heard the writer’s call for an easier, more streamlined writing experience and created the new and improved Composer. Now you can write a piece of content from start to finish and ask for feedback from others in your organization in what HubSpot is calling “a distraction-free, collaborative writing experience.”

If you’re not the one doing the writing, you may wonder: Why is this so important? Well, a better and more streamlined writing process means better content, better content means better engagement, better engagement means better leads and better leads mean increased revenue. Voila.

Like all aspects of inbound marketing, the HubSpot platform is constantly evolving and improving to make your life easier, your marketing more powerful and, in turn, your customers happier. We’re thrilled to begin using these features, and can’t wait to help our clients make the most of these tools.

What is your favorite new HubSpot feature?

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