All the Rage at HubSpot’s #INBOUND15: Our Top 3 New Features

All the Rage at HubSpot’s #INBOUND15: Our Top 3 New Features

By Brianne Carlon RushSep 10 /2015

hubspot inbound15 Every year, HubSpot launches new products and features designed to make marketing more lovable, and this year did not disappoint. While HubSpot debuted 10 new elements of the software (which you can learn about at, we wanted to share the three we thought would get our readers all riled up and excited for inbound marketing in 2016 and beyond.

Insight into Your Future Customer Database: Predictive Lead Scoring

According to Kapost, a whopping 79 percent of B2B marketers have not established even traditional lead scoring, even though companies excelling at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at 33 percent lower cost.

This is concerning, especially since marketers continue to be more accountable for revenue generation.

Marketers generate dozens of leads through campaigns and lead nurturing, but not everyone is qualified. Understanding all of the factors that go into making someone qualified can be difficult, if not impossible. Not only do you need to figure out all of the properties to factor into your score, but you also need to figure out how to weigh them.

That’s where predictive lead scoring comes in. Not only will it take into account information from multiple sources, it will then predict the characteristics of a lead that is most likely to become a customer. Marketing can then focus on generating the highest quality of leads while sales reps can focus on prioritizing the sales process.

predictive lead scoring

You will love predictive lead scoring if you:

  • Want a data-driven way of finding your most and least qualified leads

  • Have been storing both engaged and unengaged contacts in HubSpot

  • Have been marking contacts as customers for at least three months

  • Have >500 contacts in HubSpot that are marked as Customers

  • Have at least twice as many contacts who are marked as non-customers

HubSpot already has a lead scoring app that is helpful to marketers, yet asks them to do the work in identifying what characteristics and traits contribute to high customer conversion rates. HubSpot is helping to remove this burden by using existing data to predict what makes someone more likely (or less likely) to become your customer.

An Easy Way to Create, Measure and Leverage Ads: Ads Add-On

Getting started with PPC and social ads is not easy. There is a steep learning curve, the software is intimidating and determining ROI is not always clear.  

It is also easy to focus on the wrong metrics: click-based metrics such as traffic, CPC, CTR and CPA. This approach prevents you from knowing how much money your ads generate and often prevents you from getting the most out of profitable campaigns.

HubSpot’s Ads Add-on is an easy way to create, measure and leverage ads for inbound marketing campaigns. You can now create search and social ad campaigns right inside HubSpot, giving you a closed-loop view of your advertising ROI.

ads add on

Here’s what you can do with Ads Add-On:

  • Create LinkedIn and AdWords campaigns that tie into your existing marketing efforts

  • Measure conversions, not clicks

  • Connect the dots by combining paid media with HubSpot — you’ll know what clicks convert into leads and customers, for each ad

  • Leverage ads to grow faster

Digital advertising just got soooo much easier!

A Dashboard for Everyone: Reporting Add-On

Since 2011, B2B marketing budget expectations have been on the rise, but, according to Forrester, 45 percent of those we surveyed admit that they still struggle to attribute program spending to revenue results.

Marketers need to report on everything they do, from the number of visits and leads they generated from different channels to the conversion rates of their landing pages and revenue generated for their company. There isn’t one good metric that sums this up; there are multiple reports and metrics that all must be reported on.

That’s where the HubSpot Reporting Add-on comes in. This dashboard takes all of these reports and puts them into one easily accessible and customizable screen. Both marketing and sales can see all of the metrics they are accountable for as well as their progress toward those initiatives all in one place. If you aren’t sure where to get started, the dashboard provides a set of reports automatically created for you.

reporting add on

A successful inbound company is always improving its strategy to help it grow. The key in figuring out where to focus to drive growth is reporting on your sales and marketing. The dashboard makes it possible to do this in a transparent and centralized way.

Let us know which HubSpot features you find most exciting. Keep us posted in the comment section below!

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