9 New HubSpot Features to Know About

9 New HubSpot Features That Will Help You Grow

By Matt NagelNov 16 /2021

Whether you’re a veteran HubSpot customer or you’ve been on the fence about adopting this CRM software, this year’s new HubSpot features are sure to grab your attention. The company has even earned leader status in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for B2B marketing automation platforms.

“You shouldn’t have to work for your CRM. Your CRM should work for you,” explained Libby Maurer, VP of User Experience. But what does this look like?

As a HubSpot Diamond partner, we’ve had the honor of testing out the new additions, several of which are still in beta. Here’s an insider’s view of HubSpot’s new features and how they will impact your business.

9 New HubSpot Features

  1. Operations Hub Enterprise
  2. Advanced sales and forecast reporting
  3. Multi-brand styling features
  4. Integrations & Custom Report Builder
  5. Enhanced object associations
  6. Sandboxes
  7. Payment feature
  8. Customer portals
  9. Customer surveys and forms

Connected & Customized for Smoother Operations

Those on the operations side may work backstage, but they hold everything together and affect your company’s perception. Instead of the “cobbled experience” customers may have experienced with other CRMs, HubSpot’s new features will give users a “crafted” experience with smoother integrations and more customization.

HubSpot Feature: Operations Hub Enterprise

HubSpot added the Operations Hub Enterprise to the regular CRM, marketing and sales hubs, creating a more comprehensive and user-friendly platform that better supports the key players on marketing and sales teams.

Benefit: The new hub provides more consistent reporting, data integration, and brings the unified system of record to the next level with a new business intelligence feature called datasets.

Datasets enable ops people to manage data, perform calculations, and then save the datasets so the rest of the team can benefit from the data without having to manipulate it.

HubSpot Feature: Advanced Sales and Forecast Reporting

Your expected revenue touches every aspect of your company, from spending money on hiring for new positions to policy change to investments. Being able to forecast your sales with the highest possible degree of accuracy is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity if you want to thrive.

Benefit: The new Service Analytics app enables service managers to:

  • Check on pipelines so you can track deals
  • Review the activities of their reps to inform coaching
  • Decide how they want to view the data

The new task settings allow you to better organize your tasks and consistently review your goals to help you stay on track.

HubSpot Feature: Multi-Brand Styling Features

HubSpot’s business units enable you to manage multiple brands from one HubSpot account.

Benefit: Helps you stay organized by streamlining your content and associating assets, such as specific brand domains, with forms and emails.

HubSpot Feature: Integrations & Custom Report Builder

Keeping data clean, organized and integrated contributes directly to the customer experience and your bottom line.

HubSpot’s data sync allows you to custom integrate your apps without requiring you to use any special coding. With features such as two-way and historical syncing, HubSpot removes some of the operational legwork so that you can focus on building your business.

Benefit: Even if you're working with multiple systems and data sources, you’ll experience an improved custom report builder that allows you to build individualized reports using all of your CRM data, from contacts to deals to campaigns.

HubSpot Feature: Enhanced Object Associations

What are associations? They are connections between HubSpot records. With the platform's enhanced associations, you can label clients beyond more traditional objects, such as company and title, to include items such as board positions with other organizations.

Benefit: This allows you to gain a broader perspective of your clients and therefore a more accurate picture of your relationship with them.

HubSpot Feature: Sandboxes

The fear of releasing a new product or service, only to find out you’ve missed a key detail, is a marketer’s nightmare. The Sandbox is a place for building and testing website changes without impacting live websites.

Benefit: This allows you to test drive your product before you release it, giving you peace of mind and leaving a great impression on your customers.

HubSpot Feature: Payment Feature

HubSpot Payments is an end-to-end payment solution built to deliver a more delightful and connected buyer experience.

Benefit: With this native payment feature, you keep customers on your site, creating a connected experience. Share one-time and recurring payment links that can be embedded into your website, emails, chats, quotes, and more.

New HubSpot Features for Better Customer Experience

Nearly 100% of customers will leave your business due to bad customer service. HubSpot’s new features give the customer much more control over their experience.

HubSpot Feature: Customer Portals

This portal allows your customers to manage their support tickets and problem solve by accessing the knowledge base.

Benefit: It saves your team time and money by not having reps answering the same questions for multiple customers. The shared inbox keeps the conversation going between customers and support, removing frustration for both parties.

HubSpot Feature: Customer Surveys & Forms

Identifying your buyer personas and understanding the pain points of your customers is key to attracting new customers as well as keeping the ones you already have. Customizable surveys take the guesswork out of this process, enabling you to gain key insights into KPIs and identify opportunities for growth.

Benefit: Turn customers into promoters with these multi-step forms and surveys that allow you to easily capture customer feedback and share these insights with your team.

Get The Most Out of HubSpot’s New Features

These changes are sure to bring all of your teams together to work as one, smooth operation while giving your customers more control over their experience. Need help navigating and getting the most out of all that HubSpot has to offer? Consider partnering with an agency that is a HubSpot partner to make sure you’re getting the most out of your HubSpot investment.

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