7 New HubSpot Features You Should Be Using to Enhance Conversions

7 New HubSpot Features You Should Be Using to Enhance Conversions

By Lara Nour EddineNov 30 /2017

HubSpot recently unveiled dozens of new features at Inbound 2017. They’ve been working steadily to create new capabilities and improve the functionalities of existing tools. Some tools are still in beta and others are available to use today. So what exciting new features could you use to get the most out of your HubSpot investment and marketing efforts in 2018?

We’ve done some digging to examine just a few of the latest and greatest from the inbound marketing platform, and have put together this list of the new HubSpot features you should be using to enhance conversions.

New HubSpot Features to Consider

Campaign Reporting

Some new ways to measure campaigns are currently in beta testing, in an effort to improve the ways campaigns are evaluated for success. Right now, you can analyze the efforts of a single campaign by viewing visits, contacts and customers. With the new, updated version of the campaign tool, you'll be able to:

While there are many exciting new capabilities in the campaign tool, there are still some yet to come. In the near future, HubSpot will be launching more detailed campaign features to help measure micro conversions.  You’ll be able to measure things like how many contacts viewed your blog post, opened an email or interacted on social media with a certain campaign.

The ultimate goal of the new campaign features is to track the activities associated with a campaign back to revenue.

Shopify Integration

Available in limited beta, the new Shopify integration lets you effortlessly use the popular ecommerce tool within HubSpot. This makes it easier for HubSpot customers to use Shopify data to nurture shoppers. Automation can be enabled to trigger workflows around shopping activities like cart abandonment and purchase patterns. This integration will also allow businesses to send transactional emails, which unlike marketing emails cannot be unsubscribed, and are essential for a good ecommerce marketing experience.

HubSpot is also unveiling its Ecomm Bridge, a set of APIs built for customers who don’t currently have Shopify. You can expect to see Bridge in the next few months. It has many of the same features as the Shopify integration, which will enable a unified integration between an online store and HubSpot.

Of note, the integration works with all Shopify pricing plans, and there is no change in price if you’re already a paid Shopify customer.

Facebook Audiences

Targeting has become common practice in social media ads, and pretty soon you’ll be able to leverage your HubSpot data to further improve your targeting efforts. With Facebook Ads Audience Sync, you can sync any HubSpot list with targeting audiences on Facebook or target contacts in Facebook based on actions in HubSpot. It also eliminates the need to manually download a list from HubSpot and upload it to Facebook to gather customer data.

Syncing HubSpot and Facebook will help facilitate account-based marketing, and can help bring your prospects down the funnel. If you’ve got the Ads Add-On, you’ll be seeing this feature over the next year.

Lead Ads

This tool is now live! This feature integrates Facebook Ads into HubSpot at no additional cost. Not to be confused with the Ads Add-On, a paid feature, Facebook Ads lets you create Facebook Ads right in HubSpot, letting you skip a few steps in the normal process of ad creation. With Facebook's detailed targeting options, you'll be sure your ads get shown to your most relevant audience. This new integration will also track ad performance right in HubSpot.  With lead sync, leads from Lead Ad will come directly to HubSpot, just like they would form fills, and you’ll be able to begin nurturing them much sooner.

Content Strategy

In today’s world, we search the way we talk and are increasing our usage of voice search. This is causing search queries to be longer and more conversational. Google already understands Natural Language Processing (NLP), and will potentially rank pages that don’t contain a keyword phrase, because it understands the search intent. Now HubSpot is grasping this shift in search and has created the content strategy tool to help businesses adjust. The new tool offers four main features:

  • Topic suggestions
  • Free templates for pillar pages
  • Content optimization tips
  • Performance reports

Each of these features was designed with NLP in mind, so you will rank for the best keywords based on search behavior and intent.

Account-Based Marketing

HubSpot has integrated with Terminus, an account-based marketing platform. This approach helps B2B marketers engage with decision-makers on accounts that are best fitted for their solution. The Terminus integration allows B2B marketers to launch account-based advertising campaigns strategically, only activating when users visit a specific page or read a certain email.

If you already have Terminus, the integration is free. Once the integration is live, you’ll be able to trigger Terminus ABM campaigns based on workflow criteria and track campaign results by account in Terminus.  


Conversations will be available in 2018, and will help you and your team stay organized and on top of customer communications. The shared inbox merges your communications from various channels, such as LiveChat or social media, into one place. No longer will you have to search for pieces of a conversation, or deal with copying and pasting parts of dialogue to coworkers.

With Conversations, you’ll be able to store messages from customers and potential customers in one location so you can easily manage your responses, and pull in members of your team as needed. It can even pull in contact data for easy reference. Automation rules and bots can help you manage messages by routing incoming messages and handling small tasks. This will streamline and simplify the process of handling customer discussions.

The good news it that it’s part of the HubSpot CRM Free and is connected to the rest of the CRM. If you’re currently using HubSpot CRM Free, you’ll automatically be granted access to Conversations once it’s live.

What's Next?

HubSpot is continually looking for ways to improve its current tools to bring you the most valuable and profitable results. Be on the lookout for these tools as they become available and determine how they can best help your marketing efforts.

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