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What Are The Most Critical Video Marketing Services?

By Dave GrendzynskiJan 14 /2021

Video marketing campaigns are a must for any business. But your strategy should go beyond filming something on your phone and posting it to social media. And if you’re going to work with an agency to get your video produced, don’t make a move unless they offer video marketing services that will be critical to your success.

Adding video content to your strategy is a great way to get more people engaged with your brand. It means they’re more likely to take actions like joining your email list, or better yet, buying your product. But if your message misses the mark or no one can find your video, it’s going to be a frustrating experience that costs you time and money. 

So, if you’re working with a video marketing agency to help you create a successful campaign, here are some of the services you must ensure they offer. 

Important Pre-Production Video Marketing Services

No matter if you want to increase your brand exposure, generate more calls and leads from your website, or simply promote your videos as part of your Facebook advertising campaign, the video marketing agency you’re working with should be involved months before filming.

Pre-production is a crucial part of producing a video, so your video marketing team should be made up of experts in:

  • Scriptwriting: An experienced scriptwriter will help you keep your story focused and engaging.
  • Logistics: Determining the best places to film and how to get it all done as efficiently as possible.
  • Training: Look for experts in media coaching to provide guidelines on everything from wardrobe to phrasing.

When It’s Time To Film And Edit Your Video

When it’s time to film, your team should be experienced in things like:

  • On-site shooting: This includes lighting and having all of the proper equipment you’ll need (like stabilizers or a drone) to get the shots you want.
  • Editing and post-production: Experienced editors can take a very basic video and turn it into something spectacular.
  • Video graphic creation: Graphics are an important part of any video. They move the story along, add color and can reiterate what’s being said by your experts.

After Your Video Is Finished

Here are some of the video marketing services you’ll need once your video is complete. They include:

  • Video SEO Optimization: Someone at the agency who specializes in demand generation and can recommend titles, descriptions and social media posts to optimize your videos for relevant Google search phrases.
  • Social Media: This team member understands the ins and outs of the ever-changing world of social media, which is essential for consistently publishing videos at the right time and place.
  • YouTube Marketing: With over a billion unique YouTube visitors per month, there is a large potential audience for every video you upload. With YouTube being the second largest search engine behind Google, you’ll need someone who understands the strategies you can apply to your channel and the best ways to optimize your video for YouTube.

Video Marketing Services Matter

In the end, the most critical video marketing services are the ones that land you better leads, more sales, and delighted customers.

If you’re interested in getting started, check out our video marketing page to find other tips on how to create great videos. Or take a look at some additional examples of videos that we’ve produced for our clients.

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