Medical Device Manufacturer Digital Marketing Campaign Generates Additional Revenue

Kuno Helps Medical Device Manufacturer Create Buzz with Content Marketing and Demand Generation

By Paula ZimmerNov 23 /2021

A medical device manufacturer wanted to provide its customers and prospects with a breakdown of a new piece of legislation that could affect their audience and their patients.

The Kuno team and the manufacturer created a campaign that increased contacts by over 700 and generated over $25,000 in revenue. Here’s what we did.

The Challenge

Throughout Kuno’s relationship with this medical device manufacturer client, we have continually worked to make the client a trusted news source for customers and prospects. We initially did this by creating a blog and longer-form content that addressed industry issues.

When the Advancing American Kidney Care initiative, which was aimed at reducing kidney failure, increasing the number of kidney donations, and making more treatment options available to dialysis patients, was introduced in July 2019, people applauded the measures.

However, beneath the surface, the Advancing American Kidney Care initiative could negatively affect patients, dialysis providers and the staff who provide dialysis care.

The Strategy

To raise awareness of how these new measures could affect the kidney care community as well as the brand’s name, we created two pieces. The first piece was a comprehensive download that dissected the initiative and outlined how it could affect patients and providers. The second piece was an interactive page that compared kidney care in the United States versus Europe and Asia.

To promote each piece, we created a series of ads and ran them on Facebook for 90 days. We targeted nephrologists and dialysis nurses by job title and interest.

The Results

This campaign helped the client cement their reputation as industry thought leaders. They received positive feedback from kidney care professionals around the country that the content was informative and helped them better understand the initiative and how to prepare.

It increased contacts by over 700 and the ads had a click-through rate of 6% (well above the industry average of 0.78%).

To learn more about how we helped this medical device manufacturer reach its goals, read through the entire digital marketing case study.

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Paula Zimmer
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