Using Marketing Software to Better Understand Website Visitors [Video]

Using Marketing Software to Better Understand Website Visitors [Video]

By Kuno Creative VideosSep 11 /2015

Using_Marketing_Software_to_Better_Understand_Website_Visitors_Header_ImageWhen planning for a new website, it’s important to think about how you can better optimize your site for users. This is where marketing automation platforms come into play.

No matter the size of your company, marketing automation software will help capture your visitor data allowing you to create a more personalized web experience. With this data you will know what works for your company and what doesn’t.

Kuno Creative Marketing Technology Director Dan Stasiewski touches on how companies of all sizes can benefit from a marketing automation platform and how to choose marketing software that will grow with your business infrastructure long term. 

Using Marketing Software to Better Understand Website Visitors [Video]
Video Transcript:

When we think of company size with the marketing platforms, every company of every size should have some sort of marketing platform associated with it. If you're somebody who's on your own, if you're an individual, you can find services that are out there, small email platforms that can provide basic automation, that can connect up to a WordPress website.

But as your company grows, if you're anything from a small business to a midsize business to a large enterprise, you have to start evaluating these marketing softwares as if they are going to be a long-term part of your business infrastructure.  When you're saying, "I need a new website," what can you do to get the most value out of a website? Is that website gonna be sending information back to you in the sales or marketing department to know what kind of information you should be providing more often, so that you're not guessing, you're not trying to determine based on instinct and gut.

If you have data captured and you directly pull that back to the user profile, then your creative can be better based off of that. You know what messages work. You know what you should stop doing, because marketing can continue to do something that's not valuable because somebody likes it. The best marketing software that you can look for is something that can provide the most relevant information with the best information on the customer who's visited your website.