Kuno Creative Receives $300K Loan From HubSpot Agency Growth Fund

Kuno Creative Receives $300K Loan From HubSpot Agency Growth Fund

By John McTigueOct 2 /2015


Kuno Creative is pleased to announce that it has received a $300,000 loan from the HubSpot Agency Growth Fund. The program is available to Diamond and Platinum tiered agencies of the HubSpot Partner Program. The loan must be used to help the agency grow by hiring new sales, marketing or services delivery talent at the agency. Kuno Creative is the first HubSpot Partner Agency to qualify for and receive a HubSpot Agency Growth Fund loan.

“We’re excited to be the first participant agency in the HubSpot Agency Growth Fund and to put our loan to work growing our sales and services team,” said Chris Knipper, Kuno’s CEO. “We have ambitious plans to increase both sales revenues and the quality of our services simultaneously. A big part of that growth will be increasing sales of HubSpot software, which benefits both Kuno and HubSpot as we deliver inbound marketing services to our clients.”

“The HubSpot Agency Growth Fund loan allows us to immediately expand sales and marketing services to meet the rapidly growing demand we are seeing,” said John McTigue, EVP of Kuno. “Without the funding, we are constrained to traditional financing options from banks that struggle to understand our monthly recurring revenue business model. Seeking investor financing is also challenging for an agency our size that delivers primarily marketing services.”

HubSpot announced the program at its Partner Day meeting for agencies in May 2015. Arjun Moorthy, HubSpot’s VP of Business Development and Partner Programs, explained the rationale for the loan program. “Our Platinum and Diamond partners have shown that they can build a strong recurring revenue base, but this hasn't always translated to favourable financing from traditional financial institutions. That's why HubSpot decided to put its money where its mouth is and extend loans against this recurring revenue base, which we know to be reliable over a multi-year period. The result is a far simpler process to get financing than from a bank.”

Kuno Creative is now planning for and recruiting new sales and marketing talent to fuel the expansion. Onboarding and training will be a vital part of making the best use of the Agency Growth Fund loan. “We want to maintain our reputation as one of the very best inbound marketing agencies,” said Knipper. “We want every Kuno employee to be an expert in what we do and to be able to convey that knowledge to our customers. That’s what will drive our success. Our HubSpot loan will help us build the team, and our employee onboarding process will help them reach their potential.”

Kuno Creative is an inbound marketing agency and Diamond Level HubSpot Partner. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, and Austin, Texas, the company has 37 employees and provides website design, content marketing, inbound marketing and demand generation services for both U.S. and international clients. For more information, please visit www.kunocreative.com

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