Answers to Your Burning Inbound Sales Questions

Answers to Your Burning Inbound Sales Questions

By John McTigueJul 23 /2015


Inbound Sales—Converting Inbound Leads to Customers

I moderated a panel discussion on inbound sales with Rick Roberge and Carole Mahoney on July 22, 2015. Rick and Carole are bona fide experts in inbound sales and inbound marketing. We discussed your top questions about best practices, tips for engaging and closing more sales and a view toward the future.

Here's the recorded panel discussion. Enjoy!


Rick Roberge has been providing his sales expertise for quite a few years. He gave us our first sales training when he was at Kurlan and Associates, and we're still doing things the rainmaker way at Kuno.

Carole Mahoney was one of the first inbound marketing partners with HubSpot, and she has been an outspoken leader of the community since the beginnings of inbound.

Carole and Rick are now working together as a team providing sales enablement training and coaching for both agencies and companies leveraging inbound marketing. It's the next big thing in inbound, and I'm sure we all have plenty to ask them.

Anything we missed? What questions do you have?

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