4 HubSpot Case Studies to Inspire You

4 HubSpot Case Studies to Inspire You

By Jasz Rae JosephJan 9 /2019

Thinking about using HubSpot or currently using HubSpot and wondering how to boost your return on investment? As a HubSpot Diamond partner, we have helped hundreds of growing companies find success by increasing brand awareness, capturing more qualified leads and enabling sales teams drive more revenue.

Here are four of our favorite HubSpot case studies to help you build a strong inbound marketing strategy.

Optimizing HubSpot Software

The Task: iOFFICE hired Kuno Creative to give their website a new, modern look and feel, as well as create more qualified inbound traffic.

The Process: Kuno optimized iOFFICE’s HubSpot software by providing ongoing website updates, including conversion rate optimization. This allows iOFFICE to capitalize on what is working in real time.

The team also launched a content strategy that included persona-specific long-form blog posts, eBooks, webinars and guides for the iOFFICE website. These elements are constantly generating organic visits and converting visitors into leads.

Finally, email campaigns helped further nurture qualified leads to turn over to the sales team.

The Results:

  • 16 percent increase in website contacts
  • 103 percent increase in leads
  • 41 percent increase in marketing qualified lead

Client Quote:

“Kuno Creative is truly a partner and not just another vendor you have to manage. Their team of professionals are intelligent and talented and offer suggestions and solutions. I know that iOFFICE wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the continued dedication of our entire Kuno team.” —Tiffany Rivers, Director of Marketing, iOFFICE

Capitalizing on HubSpot Marketing & Sales Software

The Task: A medical manufacturer hired Kuno Creative to help them foster relationships, determine quality of leads, and get their sales team on board.

The Process: Utilizing the HubSpot software, the team started collecting data and implemented lead scoring. This allowed the company to identify behavior of qualified leads and pass hot contacts directly to the sales team at the right time.

While there was initial hesitation from the sales team (who used Excel to track accounts), training for the HubSpot CRM helped team members realize how easy the platform was and how it could aid them in following up and tracking their accounts. They also realized they no longer would waste time chasing unqualified leads, and could better allocate time to build relationships with prospects who were qualified and ready to buy.

The Results:

  • 1,100 percent increase in customers
  • 286 percent increase in landing page submissions
  • 47 percent increase in leads
  • 54 percent increase in contacts

Client Quote:

“Having the ability to follow that chain from when someone first becomes a lead to when they hopefully become a customer is invaluable.” —Medical Manufacturing Marketing Director

Data Gathering From HubSpot Marketing Automation

The Task: A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) with at-home services hired Kuno Creative to help them find a better way to reach new customers.

The Process: Data gleaned from the marketing automation platform told us our audience was very active on Facebook and were interested in topics such as brain health and dementia. The Kuno team also learned that many older adults simply don’t realize they can safely remain in their homes as they age.

To educate older adults about their options, we created great content in the form of blog posts, eBooks and infographics. Then, the demand generation and content teams worked closely to promote both upcoming seminar events and relevant pieces of gated content. We used marketing automation to nurture prospects to a sales-readiness status

The Results:

  • 42 month decrease in the sales cycle with half of new sales
  • 24 percent decrease in CAC while services were expanded to 3 new locations

HubSpot Lead Scoring Algorithms

The Task: A technology solutions company hired Kuno Creative to generate new leads for its line of cardiothoracic surgery products.

The Process: To drive more traffic to the website and assist with SEO, a new blog was created and added to the website. Lead scoring algorithms were set up within HubSpot.

Two content campaigns were also implemented specifically targeting cardiothoracic surgeons. Several demand generation campaigns were set up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Perfect Audience to attract new website visitors and retarget contacts already in the HubSpot database.

The Results:

  • 23,373 visitors in the first six months
  • 464 new contacts and leads in the first six months
  • 97 marketing qualified leads
  • 167 new form submissions

Now that you have seen how other companies have used HubSpot to generate leads and revenue, are you ready to try it for yourself? Discover how to realize the true ROI of your HubSpot investment with our free eBook, Improve Your HubSpot ROI: 100+ Questions to Ask.

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