How to Promote Your LinkedIn Business Page Using Your Personal Profile

How to Promote Your LinkedIn Business Page Using Your Personal Profile

By Kuno CreativeSep 25 /2014

linkedin-business-pageWhen you get started with a business page for LinkedIn, it can often be challenging to build up the page in followers and content. Leveraging your personal LinkedIn profile and that of other professionals within your company is a great way to give your LinkedIn business pages a big boost. Here, we focus on tips and strategies you can use to help increase the exposure of your business page.

Join or Start an Interest Group Related to Your Business

There are many different groups on LinkedIn, and engagement among groups is often more active than on personal or company pages. To leverage that type of interaction and engagement, join and/or start your own groups. Depending on the type of business you have, you can start just a general interest group or a networking type of local meet up group. Whichever type of group you start or join, be sure to keep up the engagement with the group and its members. And there is no harm in joining groups, you never know what interesting information you may learn or connections you can make.

Example groups to join or create include:

  • Local meet up groups. There are many local groups in each major city on LinkedIn that regularly meet for coffee and bagel breakfasts, lunches or happy hour networking socials. These meetings are great opportunities to network with potential customers, clients or new contacts.
  • Groups related to experts in your field. There are many groups created by search marketing professionals, real estate professionals, bloggers and more. Just search for groups by entering keywords relating to your business.

Become a LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn publishing is a relatively new option slowly being rolled out across LinkedIn users. It gives you the option to write information about your business or your industry and publish the article on LinkedIn. Since this is only open to individual users—not businesses—this is the way to publish content and, at the same time, establish your authority and credibility in your industry or area of expertise.

LinkedIn publishing actually started with business influencers like Martha Stewart, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Soon after, LinkedIn realized other experts in every area of business could also publish valuable articles that would be of interest to the connections in their network.

Examples of other LinkedIn influencers who are now publishers on the professional social network include:

Keep in Regular Contact with Your Connections

The more you update your profile, post to your page and engage with others on the social network, the more exposure you and your brand will receive. However, nothing beats that one-on-one connection. Some of the most successful business people have experienced career changing results simply from staying in contact with their connections. Based on their experiences, sending a message or calling five people per day should be one of the first things on your daily “to do” list. Just asking what they are working on keeps you and your business front of mind. Remember, this is on the premise of being a pure connection, not a sales call. If (or when) they need your products or services, they are sure to remember you at that crucial time.

Wondering how to start? Begin at the top of the list alphabetically and work your way down. Send a quick hello message. You will be surprised at the results for simply reaching out and being inquisitively friendly. Be sure to keep track of who you contacted and when; this will also help you measure the success of your daily connections campaign.

Generously Give Recommendations and Endorsements

Another excellent and even easier way to keep top of mind with your connections is to generously give recommendations and endorsements. Do not give recommendations and endorsements only because you want one back—instead, it helps you stay top of mind with the person you are endorsing or recommending.

Remember to always be honest. Don't give out recommendations or endorsements for individuals you are connected with but don’t have first-hand knowledge or experience in dealing with them or their company.

Takeaways for Your Business

Remember, when you represent your company on LinkedIn, your business page will get exposure, as well. When you participate in best practices for your personal LinkedIn profile, such as filling out all the details completely, regularly updating your profile and continually posting updates, more people in your network will not only see you, but they will see information about your business or your company, too.

Encourage all employees and executives to also follow best practices for building out their personal profiles and engage with each other and the company business page. The more buzz you create, the more it will spread to each person’s personal connections on LinkedIn. Once you have established your LinkedIn business page, you can follow these LinkedIn for Business tips

Elizabeth Victor is blogger and Brand Advisor for Isentia. She enjoys sharing tips on social media monitoring and media analysis.

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