Facebook Advertising Updates You Need To Know

Facebook Advertising Updates You Need To Know

By Brandon ZingaleSep 3 /2020

Social media advertising is constantly moving. If you aren’t staying on top of the most recent trends and advertising updates, you may just miss them. The most helpful place to stay up-to-date is the Facebook Business News section on the Facebook for Business website. This is where you will receive any ad platform updates, business news and much more.

Let’s dive into some key Facebook advertising updates.

1. Ad Targeting Updates

Facebook has recently made a few changes under the targeting section for Facebook ad sets. They have removed targeting options that have previously not been widely used, maybe because they were too granular for advertisers to use. These changes in targeting will help streamline advertising on the platform, letting advertisers target the right niche.

2. Send Marketing Emails From Your Facebook Page

Select users now have the capability to send customized emails directly from their Facebook pages. Page managers will need to manually add email contacts to their database and confirm that contacts have given permission to contact them with promotional messages via email. Once you agree to Facebook's terms, you can then create emails from the Facebook Pages app, with a preview of your subject line and content in the lower section.

Facebook Advertising Updates You Need To KnowWe are not sure when this will roll out to all Facebook page users, but it goes hand-in-hand with Facebook and Instagram ads, with social and email marketing tools all in one place.

3. New Ways To Connect With Businesses On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been on the rise for businesses, as many users have started reaching out via the app. The following new features now make it even easier to connect with businesses:

  • Start a Chat With a Business Using QR Codes: Users can now conveniently scan a QR code a business displays in their store, on products, or even receipts to initiate a chat within the app. This is great for any e-commerce business with a catalog on Facebook to build product awareness and sales all within one app.
Facebook Advertising Updates You Need To Know
  • Share Business Catalogs: Catalogs allow businesses to share their products on Facebook. Catalogs have increased in viewership over the past year. Over 40 million people view business catalogs via WhatsApp every month. Users can now share these catalogs as links on WhatsApp, which can be used to answer user questions, promote your products, offer suggestions and drive sales.

Final Thoughts

As the social media world is constantly evolving, it is important for Facebook to continue rolling out new features and updates to stay on top of the game. We are very excited to be a part of the future of advertising while bringing our creativity to the table. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for future Facebook updates

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