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What’s the Appropriate Video Length for Inbound Marketing?

What’s the Appropriate Video Length for Inbound Marketing?

By Steven BellerJun 17 /2014

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Video content is one of the best ways to engage with your customers online. It allows your audience to “meet” you and understand what you’re all about. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a good impression—so it’s imperative you put your best foot forward. 

But knowing how long to make your video can easily stifle your inbound marketing efforts. Thirty seconds? Ninety? Anything as long as it is under five minutes?

There are a lot of opinions, so how long should your video be? 

 Well, it depends on your audience and your content. You have to understand what your audience wants and form great content around it. In 2009, Wistia did some data tracking to get to the bottom of this debate. What the brand found may surprise you:

Wistia created a 30-second video and a 90-second video with the same content. It turns out the first 30 seconds of both videos had the same amount of viewer engagement; however, an average 30-second video was viewed 85 percent of the way through while an average 2-minute video was viewed 50 percent of the way through. 

This information is helpful because it tells us the first few seconds of your video is the most important. You will want to hook you viewer right away in order to keep him or her engaged. 

Keeping your video as short as possible will help keep your viewers engaged. Here are a few helpful tips to shorten the length of your video: 

  • Write out a script before you start filming. Allowing someone to talk without a script can lead to rambling and produce a lot of extra footage that can be difficult to edit. 
  • Edit your script. Cut out the parts that are too complex, repeat information and come across as blatant self promotion. 
  • Talk out the script with a coworker to make sure it will sound natural and flowing when read aloud. 
  • Edit your video properly. It is perfectly acceptable to make quick cuts between your clips. Removing dead air and not using transitions between clips can help cut down your overall video length.  

Using these tips will help you shorten your video, but if the content of your video isn't high quality and customer centric, it won't matter how long (or short) your video is. So remember to create good content and have fun!

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The Author

Steven Beller

Steven’s experience in multimedia production began shortly after his parents brought home a video camera. Though he was just 8 years old, Steven mastered the art of short stop motion videos featuring—you guessed it—action figures. Steven comes to Kuno after opening his own multimedia company, Cold Robot Studios, where he helped small businesses create compelling videos to help tell their stories and showcase their products.