What Type of Content Marketer Are You? [QUIZ]

What Type of Content Marketer Are You? [QUIZ]

By Jennifer KingMay 23 /2014

what type of content marketer are youSo you’ve got a blog, social media and a few additional content marketing processes in the works. While that’s all well and good, how do you know if your content marketing strategy is working?

Marcus Sheridan defines the qualities of successful content marketing beautifully in this blog post, and we share the gist of it below:

  • Listen to the questions of your clients/customers/etc.
  • Communicate in a way they can clearly understand
  • Teach at every opportunity so as to give value and build trust
  • Be obsessed with seeking ways to help clients solve their problems

Beautiful, I know. But to have a successful content marketing strategy, you need a mindset and operation that supports these qualities. Start by assessing your current state of content marketing with our content marketing quiz! Your answers and final score will help determine key focus areas for your team.

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