5 Tips for Writing Delicious and Nutritious Email Copy

5 Tips for Writing Delicious and Nutritious Email Copy

By Jennifer KingMar 13 /2014

delicious email campaignsI wouldn’t say I’m the healthiest of eaters, but I do enjoy the taste of eating right from time to time. As you can see, National Nutrition Month has gotten me to think about my diet and why I make some of my healthy and not-so-healthy food choices on a daily basis. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the foods people enjoy are likely the ones they eat most, which explains why cheese, cereal and tacos consume the majority of my meals.

But in addition to re-evaluating my diet, I’ve been crafting a fair amount of copy for clients to support lead nurturing email campaigns. I've also discovered that similar to how we all need to consume a balanced diet to keep our brains and bodies going, our emails also need to be nutritious and well-balanced in order for a lead nurturing campaign to be successful. And studies show there's plenty of work to be doneaccoring to a 2013 Econsultancy survey, 61 percent of marketers rate their email campaign performance as "poor" or "average." 

Therefore, to inspire all marketers to give their content diets a boost during National Nutrition Month, I’ve put together a few nutrition facts to keep in mind as you’re writing copy for your next email campaign.

Make It Digestible

First and foremost, your email content should be something your readers can digest without raising eyebrows. Make sure the message and reason behind why you’re reaching out to them is crystal clear and relatable to the reader. Also, think about the pain points you’ve identified for your target audience, and use your email to craft a story about how the information in your email will help them improve their lives or meet a challenge. Inject your email copy with information and content your audience can use. These are the nutrients, or useful information, essential to build a connection with your audience.

Make It Balanced

Just like your diet can’t be full of one food group, your email campaign can’t be full of just one type of content. You need a balanced diet of content to keep people engaged and craving a second helping throughout your campaign. Consider how you can incorporate different campaign elements into your emails. For example, is there a video, eBook or blog post that supports your story and can help move readers through the funnel? Ensure your campaign and email content have enough variety to make your story balanced and even more engaging.  

Make It Scrumptious

As the National Nutrition Month gurus have already shared, the foods we enjoy are likely the ones we will eat most. The same can be said for your emails—if readers are delighted and satisfied by the content you provide, they are likely to continue engaging with you on your website and through future email campaigns.

To provide the most scrumptious emails, make sure you write brief but mouth-watering subject lines readers won’t be able to resist. Buffer suggests writing your subject line before writing any email copy to make sure you have quality time to come up with an intriguing email subject.

Next, craft copy that will satisfy your readers and encourage them to want more. Last, include calls to action that are just too good to pass up—they should be compelling enough in the copy and with the design to curb your readers’ cravings for more information.

Cut the Extra Calories

All the empty calories, such as fluffy words, jargon and misleading context, prevent your reader from getting to point of your story. Deliver your offer—whether it’s a piece of content they can download, a video or an opportunity to demo your product—on a silver platter so readers can quickly understand what you’re offering and why.

Mix It Up

Growing up my mother always asked me, “How do you know you’re not going to like something if you won’t even try it?” The same can be said for every aspect of email campaigns, from subject lines to email copy to calls to action and design. Mix up your campaign diet by A/B testing different areas of your emails, such as the send time and day, subject line and images versus text. Use the insight based on your results to make improvements to your campaigns. You never know when you'll uncover a new go-to email tactic to increase the success of your campaigns!

What other suggestions do you have for creating balanced and digestible copy for email campaigns? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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