Recipe for a Blog Post Google Will Devour [Infographic]

Recipe for a Blog Post Google Will Devour [Infographic]

By Lisa GulasyFeb 28 /2014

recipe for a quality blogTwo things have been on my mind a lot lately: Food and blogging. (OK, both of these things are almost always on my mind, but for the sake of the narrative, let’s pretend they’re not.)  As you’re likely well aware, Google has been dropping algorithm changes like hot potatoes, and it’s left many companies engaged in inbound marketing wondering just how they should move forward with their marketing strategies.  

As Rebecca Churt points out in this HubSpot eBook, misinformation about SEO—especially in regards to blogging and other forms of content marketing—is quick to spread, even among us marketers. For those outside of the industry, it’s become increasingly difficult to defer what’s fact and what’s merely an attempt to get more eyeballs on content by publishing first.

The skinny of it is, the quality of your content matters now more than ever. (And it’ll probably matter even more tomorrow than it does today.) Now, this doesn’t mean things like links and keywords aren’t important, per se. What it means is they’re really more like a garnish—a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle of green onion, if you will. 

I was chewing on my fingers wishing they were pretzels and thinking about how I could best express these changes to clients as well as the non-content Kuno Creative team members who contribute to the Brand & Capture blog, when it hit me: Why not give them a recipe? The result was simply too delicious not to share:

blog recipe kuno creative infographic

When you find a good recipe, you should share it with friends. Use the embed code below to add this infographic to your website!

Special thanks to Kuno Creative Graphic Designer Jim Skidmore for helping me visualize my decadent design.

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