HubSpot Blog Subscribe Checkbox Checks Out

HubSpot Blog Subscribe Checkbox Checks Out

By Zakir GhaziJan 29 /2014

hubspot blog checkboxIn my previous post, I explored the ability to add a blog subscribe checkbox feature to any new HubSpot COS form. This recent feature promised to give blogs that extra reach they were looking for and create another way to keep the conversation with a lead going after he or she fills out a form.

So we thought we would put it to the test, adding it to a couple client forms as they migrated to the new HubSpot COS.

After reviewing the activity over the past month, I was able to record some amazing statistics on not only a long standing client with a strong blog presence, but a newer client that just started blogging regularly. After simply adding the checkbox to almost every form and linking it to the blog subscribe list, we entered into a waiting game. These Inbound experiments, unfortunately, can take some time. But taking a look at the numbers periodically, I could see it was well on its way to some happy results.

Beginning Stats


Client X:   7,139

Client Y:   24

Ending Stats


Client X:   8,440

Client Y:   105

Percentage Increase

Client X:   18%

Client Y:   337%



Measuring success often depends on the client’s needs, goals and current standings. Both clients saw an increase in subscribers, but a deeper look is required to understand why and how it will impact the brand as a whole.

Client X, as previously stated, is a long standing client with a strong blog presence, so we have consistently seen a month-over-month increase in subscribers, but only by 1-2 percent. If the subscribe checkbox continues securing new blog subscribers at an 18 percent increase month over month, then the success is even better than originally predicted.

Client Y is in a small niche market, making it harder to reach and gain subscribers simply from a standard subscribe form located on the blog page. The addition of the checkbox on other content offers certainly helped gain interested parties as blog subscribers, extending the reach of that new relationship. 

Properly taking the time to strategize and analyze growth from adding this option will not only allow you to see your blog subscribe numbers go up, but understand who converted on what and when and if they’re a new or existing lead. The next test is watching what happens over the next year. Subscribe to our blog so you don't miss any of the updates! 

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