HubSpot Blog Subscribe Checkbox Tactic Easily Increases Leads

HubSpot Blog Subscribe Checkbox Tactic Easily Increases Leads

By Zakir GhaziDec 4 /2013

check box on lpForms are a vital part of your inbound marketing efforts. They capture the necessary information you need to meet and nurture consumers who are interested in your brand.

That form conversion sparks a lead and then a lead score. Nurturing can move that lead from an MQL to an SQL. During that nurturing process, you are presenting yourself to that consumer so they can become a long lasting loyal customer. This process takes steps, strategy and time, some quicker than others.

But what if I told you there’s a simpler way to not only capture a lead via a form, but also to present the opportunity for that lead to subscribe to your blog, learn more about your product or service and start that nurturing process faster? And what if I told you all it took was adding a checkbox to your forms? Of course you’d say yes!

Luckily, with HubSpot’s new COS, this is not only an option but an easily automated process. In fact, in 2012, HubSpot was able to increase blog email subscribers by 128 percent in just 3 months by simply adding a blog subscribe checkbox to its forms. Let’s take a look at some strategies and mechanics of how it all works.


Remember, it’s key in this scenario to make sure the blog subscribe checkbox is not required and not pre-checked off. The consumer has already found your website, found your offer and has decided to fill out the form to get it, so make sure he or she is given the freedom to opt-in and not the feeling that they are being deceived in some way.


As an inbound marketing technologist, I love the ability to track and analyze any and all data. With this tactic and the use of Hubspot smart lists, you can create a list of all consumers who opt into your blog subscription via this checkbox. This can help you gain an understanding of how well it does over time and better help you nurture those leads. It is also important to understand that these subscribers are not always going to be new leads, but may be existing leads just now subscribing.


This tactic, although simple, should be well thought out and planned according to your inbound strategies. Read more about and how to implement this tactic on Hubspot’s blog. 

Here at Kuno, we are in the process of seeing how well this tactic works for our clients. Check back as we update you on the success of the blog subscribe checkbox! 

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