5 Tips for Putting On an Awesome Marketing Webinar

5 Tips for Putting On an Awesome Marketing Webinar

By Bryan CoxNov 13 /2013

tips for marketing webinarsA great way to engage your audience and bring content to life is to plan and produce webinars. A webinar allows your company to put a face with a name and give some warmth to your products or services. In order to produce a great webinar potential customers will want to attend and, more importantly, they will remember can be tricky, though. Follow these five tips to take your marketing webinar from ordinary to awesome.

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1. Ask Yourself, "Should This be a Webinar?"

The topic for your webinar is extremely important. It needs to be enticing enough that potential customers will sign-up and actually attend. If you have a potential topic in mind, ask yourself if it is webinar worthy or if a simple blog post would suffice. Webinar topics must be meaty, intriguing and relevant to your audience. In the end, a webinar may not be the right way to get your message across. But if it is, move on to Tip No. 2! 

2. Ask for Help in Creating and Hosting

A webinar is not something you want to do on your own. Find people in your organization who can help with the planning, writing or producing. Adding additional resources will open up the information you can speak to and also bring more knowledge to the table. Audiences like to hear from more than one person, and some back and forth can go a long way to create a memorable webinar.  

3. Make Your Presentation Pretty

In order to get the most from your webinar, you will need to keep your audience engaged for the entire presentation. This is much easier said than done, but concentrating on the visuals is a good starting point. A webinar relies on not only the words you will be saying but also words, images or videos shown on screen. If you don’t have access to designers who can help create custom PowerPoint templates, images or infographics, then utilize the Internet and the thousands of free tools and templates that can give your presentation a pop.

4. Practice, Multiple Times

Not only should you be practicing your specific speaking parts and topics, you should also be practicing with the team members who will be delivering the final presentation. This will allow you to better understand transitions between topics and speaking parts, as well as good spots to jump in and support other team members' topics.

Practice is also important with the technology you will be using to broadcast your webinar. If you are using a service like GoToWebinar, there are features like recording and practice mode that can be an obstacle if you have never used the service before. Use your final practice run to also go through any features you might be using on “game day.”

5. Promote, Promote and Promote Some More!

If no one knows about your webinar, they can’t attend. This is when it is beneficial to have email lists of potential clients you have been in touch with in the past as well as robust social media accounts to spread the word. Put a schedule together of tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts that will touch on your webinar topic and entice buyers to signup and attend your webinar. Remember, even if you don’t have huge attendance, don’t get dejected. A live webinar is not for everyone. 

While the task of putting on and following through with a webinar can seem daunting, the five tips above will ensure you get the most out of the time you spend planning, writing, producing and putting on your webinar. What are your best webinar tips? Let us know in the comment section below.

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