How to Use Triberr for Freelance Writers

How to Use Triberr for Freelance Writers

By Kuno CreativeOct 23 /2013

survivor tribeTwo of the ingredients in being a successful freelance writer are a wide-reaching influence and networking with fellow writers. You can be the John Grisham, Stephen King or J.K. Rowling of blog writing, but without exposure and community, how will anyone discover your content and talent?

So, let’s say you’re doing your due diligence by maintaining a blog and using social media to help spread the word, but your audience just isn’t growing fast enough. What do you do?

Freelancers and bloggers are starting to get creative in how they generate more traffic to their sites. One of those creative tools increasing in popularity these days is Triberr.

What is Triberr?

So glad you asked! Triberr is essentially an online blogger community that acts as a content distribution platform. What that means is members share other members’ work on social media. It’s a tool that, when wielded correctly, generates more traffic to your blog, increases your social share counts and, most importantly, links you to fellow freelance writers, bloggers and industry professionals.

How does Triberr work?

Writers and bloggers sign up for Triberr (for free!) and join “tribes,” or groups of other like-minded bloggers. You share your content within your tribe, and your tribe members then share it on social media with their followers. It’s actually a pretty simple —not to mention smart —concept. All you have to do is load and confirm your blog’s RSS feed.

Let’s do some quick math here and say you belong to a tribe of 10 people who write about food. Each of those 10 people has 400 Twitter followers. You also have 400 Twitter followers. So you share your post with your followers and also within your tribe stream. If it’s a good post and all your tribe mates approve it and share it, boom.

Your content just potentially reached 4,400 people on Twitter. And that, my friends, is a substantial increase in exposure.

With Triberr, tribe members can share posts on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

Now, 4,400 people in terms of Triberr reach is inefficient if you’re focused on increasing social share counts. In the example below, you’ll see an optimal reach goal is hit the millions. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Benefits of Getting Shared

Just like Mom always told you, there are benefits to sharing. Let’s take a peek at the benefits to getting tribal with Triberr.

  • Your content gets shared more often and reaches a much wider audience. Just like in our example above, the more tribe members you have sharing your content, the more traffic your site will get.
  • You will start building a network of fellow writer and bloggers. This opens up guest blogging and other freelance opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.
  • By sharing quality content on your own social networks, you raise your own credibility. Anybody can spam the heck out of their followers, but when you consistently share well-written articles on interesting topics, people take notice.

If you only care about social share counts (and hopefully reciprocating those shares) let me show what you can expect, based on my personal account and current set up.

jesse aaron mashbout

I also have created my own tribe that has a reach of over 1.4 million (I would definitely love to add any of you guys to it; however, free Triberr users have a member cap at 32. You can still “follow” it, but you should create your own tribe and invite people you’d personally like to network with.)

jesse aaron triberr

Here is an article I shared a few weeks ago titled “3 Hashtag Tools That Rock” that received more than 200 collective shares and a handful of comments. What’s even better, I was able to network with some of the owners of the hashtag tools the blog featured. Pretty cool, right?

Community Amenities

Triberr offers members several features to enhance their sharing experience. It is free to join and use Triberr, but the community also offers up some paid features that might be beneficial, too.

  • ReBlog allows users to syndicate their content to other blogs. Scroll through your tribal stream and find out who allows reblogging, click “ReBlog,” and the post appears on your blog as a draft. The Triberr widget also carries over the writer’s bio and the comment box.
  • Triberr’s comment system is a great way to track response from all reblogs and reposts in one spot. If you’re getting reblogged all over the place, it would be impossible to keep up with the comments on each blog post. Triberr’s comment system keeps the comments organized in one place regardless of where they came from.
  • The ease of sharing with Triberr comes from the idea that writers are already very busy. Tribe members’ content shows up in your tribal stream where you can read the post in its entirety, approve it and share it. Prime and Prime Lite members can turn on auto-sharing to automatically approve and share posts.
  • With Triberr’s Influencer Marketing Campaigns members may be hired—meaning you actually get paid—by companies to promote a brand, product or service. Campaign milestones are set and bloggers are paid via PayPal or check. As a freelance writer, you can pocket some quality side cash with these campaigns so long as your blog gets approved (factors may include your niche, cleanliness, traffic, etc.) Currently, campaigns are fairly scarce, although the Triberr team is working hard to acquire more.
  • If you’re worried about your tribal stream post getting lost in the crowd, Triberr offers the “sticky post.” It’s a paid feature that “sticks” your post at the top of your tribe mates’ stream. Imagine when you walk into a mall and you see these banner stands–sticky posts are literally the digital version of these.

So there you have it. A whole community built on virtual neighbors helping neighbors. Are you game?

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guestblogger Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. He writes on a variety of topics on his blog Mashbout. Follow Jesse on Google Plus.

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