HubSpot's Social Media Tool: Why You Should Be Using It

HubSpot's Social Media Tool: Why You Should Be Using It

By Courtney MoserAug 20 /2013

Social Inbox Hubspot Social Media ROI 300x300 (2)The introduction of social media promised to change the way inbound marketers interact with their audiences. But years later, we find ourselves only yelling into the crowd, sifting through masses of mentions and responses, unable to develop meaningful conversations. Social Inbox from Hubspot aims to change this for the better.

"The new integration reduces the noise associated with social media listening, alerts companies to key individuals in need of responses and provides context for social media interactions," HubSpot says of Social Inbox.

How It Works

HubSpot's Social Inbox allows you to focus on the people and conversations that make a difference to your business. By choosing streams and activity to focus on, your monitoring becomes more streamlined and effective. Not only are you able to pay attention to the right people, you are immediately made aware of where they are in your sales funnel. From seeing when they mention you, to knowing what pages they visit and how often, to whether they’re a lead or a customer, Social Inbox gives you all the knowledge you need to tailor your conversations to each individual.

Why You Should Use It

Social Inbox merges your database of leads, opportunities and customers with your social media platforms. Because of this, when you receive a tweet, you can easily respond in the appropriate manner for their stage in your cycle.

This strategy will be beneficial to all areas of your business, including:

  • Your Marketing Team: When a lead tweets about or to your company, the marketing team can be notified of the mention and see the lead's complete customer profile. When crafting a response, your team member can use this information to create an individualized response, forming a one-on-one human conversation.
  • Your Sales Team: Social Inbox allows your team to specify leads to follow and what information to be notified for. For example, if a sales lead mentions a competitor, this will be sent to your team member’s inbox and will allow him or her to outline the next interaction accordingly.
  • Your Customer Service Team: When customers asks for help or advice or voices a complaint, this can be sent directly to the inbox of your company’s customer service representative. This creates a conversation focused on the needs of the consumer and gives your business a human face.

For these reasons, we believe Social Inbox is a must-have tool. The ability to create a more humanized and focused rapport with customers is something we could have only dreamed of before now. Have you utilized Hubspot’s Social Inbox yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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