5 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Need To Be On Google+

5 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Need To Be On Google+

By Kuno CreativeAug 14 /2013

google plus 8Why do you need to profile your business on Google+? Well, for one, Google is the most popular search engine around. So, it only makes sense that Google+ users get more online exposure than other writers. This increases your chances of getting targeted blog visitors from organic searches through Google.

Now, let's discuss five more reasons why beginner bloggers need Google+ to help build their brands and boost blog traffic:

1) Your Google+ About Section

Your Google+ profile allows you to showcase your business, services and products online. The information you put in your business profile becomes the meta description for your Google+ page. That's why it's important to use relevant keywords in your About section; when people use those keywords in Google searches, your profile will show up in the results.

2) Links to Your Social Profiles

Your Google+ profile has options that allow you to add links to your social network profiles. Some of these social media networks include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. This gives your profile more authority with Google, which loves relevant links.

3) Ability to Share Content

Google+ makes it simple to share your content and any other content you find valuable. Every time you share an article or blog post, a backlink is created to your site. And, because we're talking about the search engine guru, Google indexes your shared content almost immediately. So, go ahead and share, share, share on Google+.

4) Encouraging Engagement with Comments

So, you're sharing your content, as well as the content of others within your community. Now, it's time to engage and interact with others within Google+. Comments are one of the most effective ways to do this. When you leave interesting comments, you increase your chances of having an ongoing conversation with your audience. And, Google loves engagement. Just as Facebook allows you to “like” posts, Google+ allows you to do the same with its “+1” feature. Found content you really like? Give it a +1 to let others know it's valuable. Many will return the favor by adding you to their Google+ circles.

5) The Guru is Here to Stay

Google+ is just one more innovative technology created by the big search engine guru. It may be taking a while to catch on with beginner bloggers, but that's probably because most people think the entire social network world centers around Facebook. Well, that's okay. Many people felt the same way about Twitter until celebrities made it popular with their public Twitter wars.

But, the bottom line is: Google+ is here to stay. It's influence will keep increasing within the social media marketing industry. Within the next couple of years, it may even become more popular than Facebook and Twitter.

The bottom line? The social advantages, as well as the search advantages of being on Google+ to promote your business and blog are absolutely endless.

How are you utilizing Google+?

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