Email, Marketing Automation and the New Buyer's Journey

Email, Marketing Automation and the New Buyer's Journey

By Meghan SullivanJul 31 /2013

Sign up for our August 15th webinar!With more digital tactics available to marketers today, one immediately starts to wonder which ones are most effective and which ones have fallen out of date. Despite claims email is dead, or that social media marketing has stolen the spotlight from email, it’s simply not true. According to Custora, email customers have a 12 percent higher value than social media customers, and Forrester has found almost a third of repeat customers are initiated by email contact. So, if you’ve been told you should cut back on your email marketing efforts in order to invest resources in other channels, evidence points to the contrary.

Email is the best way to guide leads through the buying process. To be effective, though, emails must actually reach and engage your leads. Maintaining a clean email list is essential for delivery to the inboxes of new leads. New technology, like marketing automation, makes it increasingly easy to send highly targeted and relevant email messages to the right people on a regular basis, based on their interaction with your brand, to obtain higher response rates.

In an upcoming webinar, Delivering Results: Email, Automation and the New Buyer's Journey, Kuno CEO Chris Knipper and TowerData CEO Tom Burke will explore these ideas and help you take control of your email marketing success. 

Drawing on Kuno Creative’s depth of experience in email marketing and marketing automation, Chris will break down modern best practices and how to use marketing automation to its fullest potential:

  • Email—it’s so much more than your monthly newsletter!
  • Winning tactics for crafting compelling email marketing messages, including subject lines, offers, messaging, design and delivery
  • Data and technology utilization to personalize the experience for the New Buyer
  • Marketing Automation—email and beyond

This webinar will be taking a step further than most email marketing education by addressing Email Deliverability—your ability to successfully land your emails in the inboxes of your subscribers—and the database issues that can degrade it.

TowerData works with marketers to improve their contact databases by correcting email addresses that are no longer valid and adding data to make a customer list longer and more robust. TowerData’s CEO, Tom Burke, will talk about the many variables that impact a sender’s Email Deliverability, many of which the everyday marketer probably has not thought of.

Tom will review what makes an email campaign successful and how improved email deliverability will help you achieve success. He’ll also share some of the most common hindrances to good email deliverability and how to fix them:

  • Bad data and how to remove it
  • Bounces, spam traps and active-but-abandoned email addresses
  • Sender IP Address issues
  • Importance of frequent emails for maintaining a database
  • Data management for personalization

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, August 15th, at 1:00 EST for this webinar. Space is filling up quickly, so register today!

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Meghan SullivanWith a decade of marketing experience, Meghan Sullivan is a Senior Consultant at Kuno Creative and is passionate about developing and executing inbound marketing strategies for her clients. When sheís not doing that, sheís probably curled up on the couchwith her dog and iPad, or exploring Clevelandís incredible food scene. Connect with Meghan on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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