Instagram & Vine: Incorporating Video in Your Social Media Strategy

Instagram & Vine: Incorporating Video in Your Social Media Strategy

By Courtney MoserAug 9 /2013

mobile video marketingThe addition of video apps to the social media market has been wildly successful. In fact, it is predicted that 66 percent of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2017. Users are enjoying a simple way to share their clips, and viewers are getting to see a different, more entertaining type of content from the people and brands they follow. App creators have taken advantage of this popularity and multiple versions have popped up for downloading—the most used being Vine and Instagram.

Kuno Clips:  Kuno Creative Associate Courtney Moser compares Instagram and Vine for your social media marketing.


If your business is considering making the leap to creating video content for social media, you will need to decide which of these two apps you want to focus your efforts on. Here, we compare the two to decide which is better for your social media video marketing.


Number of users- 130 million

Video length- 15 seconds

Special effects- 13 available filters and the ability to delete frames

Places to share- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and personal email

Brand Example- Nike creates remarkable 15-second commercials with its Instagram Video account. It incorporates the same audio and visual effects used in its TV commercials in these short, yet effective advertisements. From a clip showing how quickly and comfortably its new shoes slip on to an emotionally moving clip of the Brazilian soccer team walking out to the field, these videos are getting Nike noticed.


Number of users- 13 million

Video Length- 6 seconds

Special Effects- Video plays continuously on a playback loop

Places to share- Facebook and Twitter

Brand Example- Lowes has kept its fanbase in mind while capitalizing on the popularity of Vine. In its #Lowesfixinsix campaign, the brand makes entertaining DIY problem solving videos for home improvers. These clips may be short, but the company makes sure they are effective and tell the whole story.

Although these statistics may seem cut and dry, neither platform is inherently better than the other. Vine has less users, but those users are uploading and sharing more videos than Instagram users. Some brands are using Vine and some are using Instagram, and some are even using both. The choice ultimately depends on your company's needs.

Check back soon for our thoughts on yet another competitor—YouTube's new Mixbit platform.

Have you incorporated video into your social media strategy? Tell us about it in the comments!

CourtneyCourtney Moser is an Associate at Kuno Creative. She applies her passion for writing and editing to assist in creating content for Kuno and its clients. She loves to read, expand her vocabulary, and write engaging content for multiple audiences. You can connect with Courtney on LinkedIn.

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