9 Must-Have Photography Apps to Make Your Content Stand Out

9 Must-Have Photography Apps to Make Your Content Stand Out

By Vanessa KnipperJul 16 /2013

must-have-photo-apps-kuno-creativeIn social media, we often see brands sharing extremely creative content that utilizes carefully edited and crafted photos. But sometimes you’re busy or on the run and just want to post a quick real-time snapshot—an equally excellent use of social media. You may be at a conference or trade show and just need a simple app to give your photo some pizazz. That’s where photography apps come into play.

Why use photography apps?

  • Enhanced photography adds visual appeal to stand out in saturated newsfeeds.
  • Focus and filter options remove background noise and place dramatic focus on the subject.
  • Quality photos are highly shareable.

To aid in your on-the-go photo sharing social media strategy, we share a few of our favorite easy-to-use photography apps below!


If you only download one photo app, make it Camera+ for your iPhone or iPad. Camera+’s one-touch and advanced editing options make it our favorite go-to app for quick clarity improvement, color adjustment, filters, scenes and cropping.



Aviary offers a nice variety of effects and focus options to make even the dullest images something spectacular.



Snapseed is popular for its dramatic filters and color enhancement with simple tap and swipe editing. You’ll feel like your edited image is truly one-of-a-kind with all of the tools and fine-tuning this app offers.



This app has a wide variety of features from subtle color and focus to bold double-exposure and HDR effect filters.



If you’re looking for dramatic filters and textures, Pixlr-o-matic has you covered. Pixlr-o-matic is our No. 1 choice for creatively named filters, too! Seriously, what’s not to love about filters like “Kryptonite” and “Cyborg”?



Add some personalization to your images with Phonto. Image editing is limited, so you may want to bring in your image after editing with another app. Font choices are plenty and text editing is quick and easy. An advertisement-free version is available for just 99 cents.



Over is another great app for adding text to a photo. It includes a generous and unique selection of fonts.


Wood Camera

If you’re looking for bold color and texture, Wood Camera is the app for you. You can add some grit to an image or filter with unique hues to boost an otherwise bland image.



A photo app list wouldn’t be a photo app list without everyone’s favorite: Instagram. Instagram has a large variety of filters, not to mention its new video capabilities. And, when it comes to social activity, it just can’t be beat. We especially love using Instagram for final touches before sharing to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. (Find Kuno Creative on Instagram here!)


Tip: If you want to use Instagram filters and editing tools, but don’t want to share on Instagram in a certain instance, simply turn your phone to Airplane Mode, and then post as usual. Instagram will say that the upload failed, but it will save a copy of your edited image in your Photo Album. You can then turn off Airplane Mode and delete the failed upload from Instagram.

Try Using More Than One Photography App

Don’t be afraid to use more than one app when editing your photos. You may use one for cropping and straightening, save the image, then use another for particular filters or other features. Often, it takes two to get your image just right.

How are YOU using photo apps to add visual interest to your content? Let me know in the comments below!

Vanessa Knipper PhotoVanessa Knipper is the Director of Marketing at Kuno Creative. She enjoys writing about social media and marketing trends. Vanessa is an avid reader of tech blogs and industry news, which she shares regularly on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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