How to Gain Leads Through Non-Traditional Social Media

How to Gain Leads Through Non-Traditional Social Media

By Courtney MoserJul 3 /2013

colored upward arrowsIn past posts, we have guided you through the do’s and don’ts of Pinterest, discussed how to utilize visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr and have given you guidelines for posting content on them all. But as much as you have learned about these non-traditional social media channels, maybe you aren’t gathering the amount of leads to your website you had expected. What now?

Most businesses have mastered the customary social platforms for business, such as Facebook and Twitter. But these more informal, visual channels are still relatively new and have yet to be conquered. The key to attracting new business to your company is to get noticed in all the right ways. Knowing who is on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr and what they are looking for will allow you to reach new audiences and gain new website leads—if utilized correctly.

These social media platforms are all based on visual engagement, but users are not looking for the same experience on each. Here we have broken down what your followers are really looking for on each channel.

Instagram: On the Surface

Your followers aren’t devoting tons of time to you on this channel. They are scrolling through looking for something that catches their eye. So post photos that will get you noticed! Incorporating hashtags in your descriptions attract new followers who are interested in the types of things you post. Use this channel as an opportunity to show potential leads the faces behind the business. Post frequently so you don’t get lost in the shuffle, and stay in the forefront of viewers minds. This way, when they think of your industry, they think of the personable and interesting business they follow on Instagram.

Pinterest: Behind the Scenes

The thrill of Pinterest is finding out what’s behind the posted photo. Recipe and DIY project posts flourish on this platform because they take advantage users inquisitiveness. By posting images which insight interest and curiosity in the viewer, you ensure viewers will click on it and be directed to your webpage. This allows them to gain knowledge about what initially intrigued them and also become educated about your business.

Tumblr: The Big Picture

Users of this site have an in-depth interest in what they blog about and the people and companies they follow. This is your place to delve into what you do and why you’re great at it. Connecting with those who share the same industry interests is easily accomplished through hashtag/ keyword search. Follow those users who blog about the same topics you do, and you’ll grab their interest, and most likely a return follow. Tumblr allows you to incorporate a button to your website and other social media channels on your profile—utilize it! This gives your followers a way to learn even more about your company and even become a lead.

Social media is constantly changing, and we must change our strategies along with it. Most businesses are much more comfortable with the old stand-by platforms of Facebook and Twitter, but branching out allows you to really get the leads you’ve been looking for. Keep an open mind, practice trial and error and have fun with these new platforms.

Have you gained leads from Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest? Let us know what worked for you in the comments!

CourtneyCourtney Moser is an Associate at Kuno Creative. She applies her passion for writing and editing to assist in creating content for Kuno and its clients. She loves to read, expand her vocabulary, and write engaging content for multiple audiences. You can connect with Courtney on LinkedIn.

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