Video Marketing Techniques to Capture More Buyers

Video Marketing Techniques to Capture More Buyers

By Kuno CreativeJul 16 /2013

small  8404126021 (1)It is one thing to get hundreds, even thousands of views from your video marketing efforts—it's a completely different thing getting those viewers to take action, turning them into buyers. To get more out of your YouTube views by converting the maximum number of people into buyers, check out the tips below!

Give the viewer the plus points, not just the specs

The first and most important thing you have to do when you make a video about your product is to ensure you are doing more than describing your products. Always set aside a major chunk of the video to highlight the advantages of the product. 

Think of this: The next time you see a guy pumping iron in a gym for an ad, you will immediately notice that the video, for the most part, is showing you what the product can do, not how it does it. This bit is important. Through visuals, you must tell the viewer why this product is excellent.

The above example is meant not just for the body building genre, but any aspect of the business world where things need to be sold. You have to focus on the advantages of the product, not the product itself. What can the product can do, and how fast it can do it? That’s all really matters. Focus your attention on answering these questions, and your viewers will begin to convert.

Be wary of over-the-top visuals

In the realm of video marketing, it's—unfortunately—fairly common to show a shocking piece of imagery to appeal to viewers' morbid curiosity. It's even more common to show the product in unlikely situations. In order for your video to capture buyers, you must refrain from going over the top with images. Grab their attention with visuals, but keep the line. That's what you should be gunning for.

To prove my point, take most truck commercials, paying close attention to how the truck is portrayed. In that video, you'll see the truck achieving some phenomenal off-roading feat. Both you and the video's maker are well aware the majority of people purchasing the truck will never take it out for some serious mud plugging, but there it is nonetheless: an over-the-top visual.

Focus on capturing right sound

This one is a no brainer. A powerful video is nothing if it does not have a powerful audio score to back it up. You can relate this to the movies you like to watch. Regardless of genre, without that gripping soundtrack, a movie simply won’t be as revolutionary as it is with the sound. The same goes for your marketing video. You’ve got powerful visuals? Good. Get busy creating powerful audio, too.

The bottom line is, in video marketing, you have endless possibilities of highlighting your creativity, allowing you to capture buyers you were unable to reach previously.

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