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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing List

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing List

By Lisa GulasyJun 19 /2013

improve email marketingTwo years back, the idea that social media would hasten the death of email marketing was hotly debated in blogs and op-eds throughout the digital marketing community. And while I don’t see it often anymore, I will occasionally stumble upon a blog that states, “Yes, email marketing is very much alive and well.”

Need proof? According to a recent survey published on MarketingProfs, email holds more sway in the purchasing process than personal referrals, company social media and blogs, direct mail and more. Email even ranked second (19 percent) among young consumers (those aged 20-30) behind company websites as the preferred way to engage with a brand.

The validating statistics are moot, however, if you’re not aggressively working to improve your email marketing list. Here, I share three easy ways you can get more from your email marketing database.


In February, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced it will stop delivering first class mail on Saturdays starting this August. Possible ramifications jarred many multichannel marketers enough to begin investigating options to amplify their email efforts.

Email append is a good solution for finding the email addresses of customers on your current postal list. Email append works like this: 

  • Email marketers provide the names and postal addresses of the consumers they want to find addresses for to an email append service provider.
  • The provider uses algorithms to match the list to databases of opt-in email addresses, names and postal addresses.
  • The provider sends a permission request to each matched email address, giving the customer the opportunity to opt into email communications.
  • The provider adds approved email addresses to the customer files, which it returns to the email marketer.


Having too many bounces, complaints or spam trap hits damages your email reputation, which means your messages could be sent to the junk folder or, worse, blocked. Silverpop provided a snapshot of how industry bounce rates and spam complaint rates compare in its “2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study.”

Performing a simple data check to correct misspellings and typos entered during the acquisition phase is one step toward cleaning your list, thereby improving deliverability, says Pamela Vaughan, director of brand strategy for Lititz. Cleaning your list enables you to correct simple syntax and misspelling errors, and it allows you to remove distribution email addresses, like


Personalization is a common email marketing strategy nowadays, but gathering enough data about your customers to make emails personalized can prove tricky. Whenever I’m filling out a form (whether online or on paper), I never enter personal information into the boxes without those pesky “required” asterisks. (Hey, you want my phone number? You’re going to have to work harder than that!) I bet you’re of the same mind.

So how do you gather that data without scaring customers away? Data enhancement. By sending your email list to a data enhancement provider, you can discover demographics (including name, mailing address, age and income), psychographics, buying behavior, lifestyle data and business information, making your personalization efforts a breeze! Learn more about personalization by downloading our free ebook, “Personalized Content: Generate More Revenue with a Dynamic Web Experience.”

How do you improve your email marketing list? Share your top tips in the comments below!

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lisa gulasy

Known as Hawkeye for her near superhuman copy editing abilities, Lisa Gulasy applies her unique experiences in agency and journalism to manage strategy and day-to-day engagement of client social media profiles and assist in researching and writing blogs, press releases and advanced content. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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